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Beth S.

Those buttons: perfect. Absolutely perfect.

The yarn: oh, you lucky, lucky woman, you.


You crack me up! Love your humor!

Thanks for the info on the iron, as I have a rather lousy one and I'm on the prowl for a new one that won't eat my knitting alive.

The buttons are perfect.


I love those buttons and that cuff is, well, delicious!

My husband gave me a toaster a few years back. Suffice to say that it did not go over as well as the super-duper iron. All appliances are NOT created equal.


Pefect buttons. So close! I want a really nice iron. I've been thinking about a Rowenta, but this one sounds good too. Actually my partner would be thrilled with some sort of super iron. We're both a bit odd about ironing too, so it would go over well either way. Now you've got me thinking . . .


Your button collection grows more and more intriguing every time you pull something out to show us. Case in point - those butons are awesome.

The Purloined Letter

Great buttons! And now you are giving us iron envy, too!


I love that you wander around in public with your head buried in your yarn, muttering to yourself. Makes me feel so much better about doing it myself, knowing that I'm in good company.


I asked my husband to get me a chefs knife for Valentines day one year, I definitely got some wierd looks about that one. It is beautiful though, still in perfect shape, it should be for eighty dollars U.S.!


We knew this about you. Hi tech irons and muttering. And an amazing button stash.


A couple of years ago I went out and bought the fancy German iron. Love it.


Me and my cheapo irons are quite jealous.


The iron sounds nice and all, but that ironing board? Where do you find a miracle like that?


Love the buttons.

Ever since I had to rip several rows on a sock because of a missed k2tog the other mothers at my playground think I'm a bit teched, too.


Hm, my dad just called to ask what I want for my birthday... think I can get him into any store where they'd carry irons? Probably not. Oh well, I'll take the usual book and kitcheny gadget (but don't tell him we haven't used the garlic roaster, dipping bowl and oil decanter from last year yet. sigh. I meant to...).

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