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Return of the stealth cables! I do love the way that looks in the Silky Wool (?) - unfussy and rustic.


There are times when your knitting takes my breath away ! I take it that you really love him. ;-]


That is BEAUTIFUL! Perfect Mr. color.


Wow. I do love travelling stitches. Looks wonderful.


oh wow, is that silky wool? i wouldn't have thought of that yarn for irish moss but if it is, it looks great!

Rachel H

I love the Irish Moss. But no. No, it does not look like argyle. Stop that.

Beth S.

Tell me you have air conditioning. Tell me you haven't been holding that in your lap while it's eight million degrees out (and ten million inside the house.) Not that that lovely cabled fantasia isn't totally worth it; it is. But I am melting into a puddle just looking at it!

The Feminist Mafia

Don't tell me you have a copy of the famed Aran Knitting, or I might sneak over during the night and steal it. I borrowed one from the library and seriously considered 'losing' it. Instead, I pray for the re-print. Your Irish Moss looks lovely!


I borrowed Aran knitting from the library and was drooling over that pattern. Not gonna happen for my guy though (he's 6'3 as well and super-wide shouldered) but maybe one for myself??


That is a lot of little stitches for a 6'3" guy. I wasn't minding all the argyle. :>




Yes that looks exactly like argyle. Um ... I've never done argyle or intartia. Could you show us a close up of the back side where the color changes?


It looks great. You're a sweetheart for knitting the mister that. I'm loving the way it's turning out.


Damn, you're good!

Diane E.

Very Nice! That's a commitment*


GORGEOUS! It must be fun to knit, albeit slowly.


The stitch definition on those cables - oh my!


oh my god, all those travelling stitches. That's like a billion more travelling stitches than I can take. You are a good wife.

The Other Julia

I'm just catching up on your blog after my long hiatus from the blog world, and OMG! what I'm missing. Argyle socks and Irish Moss?! You, my dear, are impressive. I have that AS book, and I'm not sure that I'd ever make that sweater for a full-grown man. Hubby must be impressive as well. Moxie's the best, but he gets worsted weight and up.


I hope your Mister is dutifully appreciative of the work that beautiful sweater involves! Lucky man! Lovely work!


I do like that.


Gorgeous! That is one lucky husband.


wow! lucky man!




Holy Toledo! Between that and the argyle, I'm just totally in awe. (Don't argyle socks involve intarsia in the round, aka "it's really quite simple, nothing to be afraid of, just as easy as quantum physics"?)

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