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I really do love you. You make a heel flap look almost bearable.

But that doesn't look like three inches of ribbing to me.

Doesn't "3 inches of ribbing" sound unspeakably filthy?

No? Perhaps it is just me then.......


Have I ever mentioned that I actually really like the mattress stitch part? Oh sure, not as much as Mai Tai and the pool boy or anything, but it's kind of....dare I say it? Or maybe it's Zen. Or something.

Argyle? What argyle? La, la, la, la, la.....


Very well done. I admire your gift for clear photo illustrations and easy-to-understand directions -- and your modesty in admitting and showing your errors. All that adds up to an excellent teacher! Nice work.


Holy crap, what have you gotten us into?


Three inces of ribbing? I don't think so. Are you dicking with me?

Rachel H

I'm a little dizzy with all the stopping and turning. But as soon as the motion sickness passes I'm sure I'll still want to try this argyle thing.

The Purloined Letter

Great info! Thanks for both the tutorial and the fantastic pattern.


I am totally digging this argyle tutorial. I have another question: Is it possible to continue the last diamond down onto the heel flap? Thanks again for doing all the work to document this!


I realy like this tutorial! I'm printing it off as I write this. Woot! Aaaargyles ahoy!


Arrrgh, I'll (hee) wager possibilities be great tha' this wench may have miscalculated a "wingspan" - me jellyfish sock dangles could strangle yer pool lad at any moment. And sure, get me sorry arse on board for the ribbin' in the round and jump ship. Poo, matey, we be hoistin' them sails with or without yer blasted hide. ;- )



So glad I didn't sign up for this insanity. Let's go back to that post where everyone was like, ME ME ME!!! Not me.

In awestruck admiration and love of your humor,

Jen da Purse-Ho

ooh thank you for this. i was scared and intimidated before...but this makes it more believable that it can happen. :)


Fantastic! Now, do you have the modifications for the toe-up, two-at-a-time version?

Gawd, I can be a pain...


Thank you so very much for providing all the information that you have on your ARRRRgyles. It has been very helpful and I'm definitely going to have to give it a try!


Hmmmm...ARRRRGyle sockes, eh? I've never had much interest in knitting argyle until now - it must be the pirate thing. It always looked too hard. Thanks for making it seem approachable (and just in time for Pirates II as well: excellent timing!).


What is it about sewing up a sock that makes me feel faint? You make it look so easy, but....

Beth S.

I'm bookmarking this.


So cool. So very cool. **drools a bit**

I finally got my yarn and I am designing my argyle sweater.I am thinking of knitting it in the round only the chest area will be argyle doue to a colour shortage (whaahh!) and a single argyle down the sleeves. Your opinion , oh mighty Mistress of all things croocked plaid (as my grammy used to call it), can a sweater safely be knit in the round? I am thinking of about 3 rows of diamonds in the bust region.


My mother corrected me it's "Drunken Plaid" not crooked.


Great tutorial. I love, love, love those socks!


This is gonna make a very cool armband on my black pullover!
I mean---Aarrrrrrrrgh!
: )


This is gonna make a very cool armband on my black pullover!
I mean---Aarrrrrrrrgh!
: )


Very nice tutorial. Well done. Brilliant photos. You rock!


you rock. this makes this much simpler for me because i could not imagine knitting argyle in the round. but now i can do it. yay! er um ARRGH!!


Excellent tutorial! I love your pirate design and plan to use it in the next pair of argyles I knit.

For those wanting a complete, working argyle sock pattern, check out the patterns at
While the Grace Ennis designs and colors are straight out of the 1950s, her patterns are well written and her argyle charts are excellent and easy to work from.
The charts have numbers to show the number of stitches to be knit in each color -- so you don't have to count squares.

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