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Hee. You must be feeling sassy recently, becaue your funny is on fire. Arrgh.


Those are really great. I've never really been into argyle (it hearkens back to all the preppy vests I so desperately wanted in 7th grade but couldn't wear at my Catholic grade school) but your funky colors are really making me rethink it. I just had my first try at two-color knitting and loved it, so this might be fun! (And a good excuse to buy some more sock yarn.)


you know how much i love those colors. i'm looking forward to seeing the arrrggghhhyle socks. will they come with a coordinating eye patch?


Okay, now I HAVE to get back to my own pirate socks. So that I can then print that argyle skull pattern and make pirate argyles for myself. Curses!


I love the evil ones. That just make you want to talk like a pirate. Right, matey? What's a pirate's favorite letter? Rrrrrrrrrr. (Joke courtesy of Storyland.)

k in WA

OK having just finished Boston Red Sox for my little brother - I AM SOOOO TEMPTED by the Dunkin' Donut Argyles - you do this ex-patriot so proud. Keep up the inspired work!


Thanks for the tips...I'm trying to memorize so I'll be ready when I take it on!


My mom had given me a book a few years ago that I wasn't able to really appreciate until now with my increased knitting knowledge. It's called "Knitting: 19th century sources ed by Jules and Kaethe Kliot" Lacis Publications Berkley, CA. She got it at the Wordsworth bookstore in Harvard Square I believe before they closed their doors. It's a complilation of the English Weldon's Practical Knitter magazine series. In it I spied the Knickerbocker Stocking "knitted in Cromartie plaid" which looks suspiciously like argyle to me.The instructions are rather long winded, but interesting. It's available at Barnes and Noble ( I'm willing to lend you mine if you're interested.

Love the argylie things you're doing btw- way cool.


ARRRRgyle - I love it

I'm going to be watching this...


I'm currently working in my very first pair of argyle socks, special request from my father, and I found it very frustrating getting started. I did use the bobbin method...just because that's what the pattern said to do and being the first time, I felt it best to follow all instructions. I am also knitting in the diagonal lines because I hate the duplicate stitch with a passion. Anyway, having just found your blog via YarnHarlot, I'm intrigued by someone who loves argyles because right now...I'M NOT LOVIN' IT! But I'll keep trying because I think it's very very cool looking.


NOW I understand! You're right, one row and I'd have seen the error of my ways. Duh.


I can't wait to see the Arrrgyles!

Beth S.

You make it sound so simple! And yet I know it must be completely crazy-making. You know, like Latvian mittens. ;-)


Girl, you successfully kitchenered that Annie Modesitt ballet cardigan. I have no doubts that you can seam everything and anything you want. There is an interweave knits article by Priscilla-Gibson Roberts about intarsia in the round, and I have always wanted to try it. Some day it will happen. In the meantime, I think flat is just fine, though the tube link you posted is darned cool. I am just loving what you're doing over here lately. So different and fun.


You have just described the precise way I'm handling the yarn for my argyles. You know. When I'm home with them.


OK. I've finally found plain solid sock yarn. (why is that so hard?) I can't wait for it to get there and start on a pair of these. I'm soooo excited!


More proof that I all about form (words) over substance (deeds)--I had no temptation to knit argyle socks (or, to be fair, any socks) until the Arrrgyle name got invented. That just makes them SO much more tempting. Who doesn't want such clever, clever socks!!!! xoxo Kay


I totally applaud your values -- "too funny not to make it a reality"


how wonderful to know! want to give a mattress stitch photo tutorial? ;-D


This may be the single funniest post about argyle knitting - maybe any knitting - ever.

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