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Inspirational. Plymouth (Sockotta) is making solids for those who prefer some cotton in their sock yarn.


Knitpicks has a solid sock yarn too.

Rachel H

You're almost making me want to try this.


Angora Valley Fibers has some solid color sock yarns.
Or you can always dye some yourself.

And, to completely change the subject (well, not completely, but almost), I assume you know about these patterns:


I am designing my own argyle sweater using Lily Chin's Greenwich in Lilac, Hot Pink and White I was going to use lime green but they were sold out. Am now hard at work designing the sweater which sadly requires me taking my measurements all too often and, even more sadly, accurately.


Love the periwinkle/pink combo.


There's Lanett by Norwegian Spirit Yarn- it's solid sock yarn available at The Fold


Cherry tree hill has some terrific solids too, in their sock yarn.
Also, this argyle're not going over forever, are you?


Gooood lookin' color combos!


You're not going to quit until you get some company knitting argyle, are you? ;) And then you'll finish your socks and leave us all by our lonesome!

I love the red/yellow/orange color combo. I might have to make that for myself. Sigh...I'll check to see what Knitpicks has...

Beth S.

The tigery one is seriously awesome.


La, la, la, la, la.....can't hear, la, la...


Here in Canada we also have Sisu yarn made in Norway by Sandnesgarn. It's 80% superwash wool/20% polyamide (nylon) at 160 m per 50 g ball. Comes in tons of plain and marled colours plus a few variegateds and even a couple with glitter. I use white or natural for dyeing my own. I like it at least as much as Patons Kroy if not better. However, bright and beautiful as yours undoubtedly are, I just can't stand argyles! LOL!


Those color combos are great! I'd love the lines in a bright varigated - too neat! (I'm one for screaming colors on socks too)


These are fabulous! I must have argyle now. Add louet sales gems pearl to your list of solids - nice stuff.


This may sound like a silly question, but how do you manage doing intarsia in the round? Are you one of those mythical creatures who can Knit Backwards? I tried doing argyles in the round and it was a fabulous disaster. Any tips you can give would be so appreciated!


ok - where does one find an argyle sock pattern? I worn knee high argyles all through high school and would love to try my hand at a sock like yours - the hard part will be deciding on colors.....


I love argyle, I love socks... why am I afraid to knit an argyle sock??????


Ohhh...nice. My step-dad has been asking me for argyle socks...I think he'd like the green and blue one you paintshopped. The one that hurts the eyes to look at!


Do you have any suggestions for argyle patterns? I have been looking high and low for an argyle scarf pattern to no avail - maybe I'm just pathetic! Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Found this via TYH. Still lacking the courage to knit argyle socks, but wanted to say that I once knit a pair of socks out of Dale Baby Ull and they've been through the washer (hot cycle) and dryer several times and are no worse for wear. Fear not the Baby Ull!

joyce vance

this is making me totally nostalgic! my mom used to knit argyle socks for my grandad. i can remember watching her do it when i was little. i think that may even be why i learned how to knit (i remember that i was four and my nana taught me b/c she was a leftie like i was).

now i'm hungering for argyle sock patterns. i have just the right yarn in my stash :)


Louet Gems Merino has some nice solid colors too.

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