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I really like that last one, the colours are awesome!


Quit it i am already impatient for my yarn to come stop making it worse! I want to make argyle everything.

Of course I have a hard time doing 2 colour knitting but everytime I want to learn a new knitting skill I jump right in. When I wanted to learn cables I picked this celtic woven knot repeat. I want to knit with more than one colour I'll do argyle. If it ever gets here.

Yours sitting here with a case of unrequited argyle lust,

Valerie in San Diego

Thanks for sharing those. My grandmother was really after me to learn to knit -- I've been knitting since January, now -- and very anxious that I learn to make socks, as she did. I did manage to learn socks, but not argyles ("MINE were argyles," she told me. "I knitted them on the streetcar."), before she passed away a couple of weeks ago. I still have argyles on the brain, so this will help a great deal!


Oh, I just love the reference to James Spader -- I'm thinking his role as Stef in "Pretty in Pink" -- the cruel, callous rich kid.


My mother-in-law hasn't knit since her high school years in the 40's. *All* she ever knit were socks - mostly argyles. For herself, she used angora yarn as the single line (her brother refused to wear angora-trimmed socks, though). She knitted in, rather than duplicate stitching the line.

Too bad she no longer has the patterns! Hers were seamed, too.


James Spader. Heeheehee. Yeah, I can definitely see that.
Thanks for the charts - and the suggestions about altering them for size/gauge specificities. (and the link!) I like the effect you've gotten from working the single-stitch cross-line in the color of the "other" diamond. Very nice.
Looking forward to further posts and pics of the sock!


If you scroll by those charts sort of fast, they make you really dizzy.


Charts appreciated! I can do flat, yeah. I don't mind a seam, no.


I love argyle socks. It's the intarsia that keeps me from trying them. I'm terrified of intarsia. I used to be terrified of socks, so there is hope for me.


I think that this is called "enabling" and I am weak at resisting all things that are fibre related.

*Patons has several sock books for the Kroy line of yarn. I have one of them (will try to find it) and it does have a pattern in it for Argyle socks.


yum, argyle!

I have always wanted to knit argyles... I just need to find the right stash yarn for it and get over my issues with intarsia. I have some pamphlet that has argyle socks in it, and I love the sockknitters one.

thanks, enabler! :P


Argh. I'll
keep resisting...


Oh sure, two days after I order the yellow-orange-red-black yarn, you come up with orange, red and grey, which is SO MUCH BETTER. Sigh.

But here's my question, after perusing three argyle sock patterns last night, why must they be knit in the flat up to the heel? Am I being dumb? Why can't they be knit in the round?

Beth S.

I smell an Argyle-along.

Nancy in Redmond, WA

I'm a big fan of your blog and have loved watching your argyles. Your mention of the 1974 book reminded me of a book my husband's aunt found at a library book sale and sent to me. For anyone who is also lucky like me, the Good Housekeeping New Complete Book of Needlecraft from 1971 has two pages on doing men's argyle socks, complete with chart. I'm sure this could be helpful. Huzzah!


I have a question....The socknitters tutorial says to work the diagonal lines of argyle in duplicate stitch. Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks! I'm excited about all this argyle-knitting information.



More like Andrew McCarthy.


For anyone who's interested, I have a pattern for argyle socks from McCall's 1964.

Bonnie Boheme

Love the charts and all, but the gals down at the shop and I have been pulling our hair out trying to figure out how to we make our own charts, where we can input our own images/color into each square.
Do tell your secret...please?
We do have the graph paper making down through microsoft.

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