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I was thinking the exact same thing about the Jolly Roger on the side and was going to play with the chart tonight.

2.5 - 3 inches of ribbing? I'm weak. I may not make it that far...


oh my goodness. Arrrrr-gyles :) I'm printing and cutting and taping the chart out - thank you for reinvigorating argyles for me :D

Celtic Queen

Having never made argyles... let alone ARRGH-yles, I'm going to take your advice on the back and forth even though I'm big into circular knitting. I have two boys who this holiday (if not sooner) will be receiving pirate hats and matching Jolly Roger socks. Thanks for the inspiration to try out argyle after all.


I wish my mom were a knitter. She's a guitarist, though.

So I'm staring at these Arrrrrgyles and thinking I need to make them, but one of the things I love about socks is their tubishness and the lack of back-and-forth knitting. I don't even like doing heels because of the back-and-forthage. I mean, I DO them, but begrudgingly. Seriously, why can't argyles be knit in the round? Floats? Is that it?


Clever girl! One of the many reasons I love reading your blog.


"Is she dicking with me here?" Hahahahaha! That may be the funniest line you've written yet.

I'll be getting a laugh out of that all day.


Aye, matey, and now you are going to get some interesting visitors from Google with the line that so amused Cheryl. You are brave in knitting, and brave in blogging.


You know great minds think alike. I have been dying to make argyle socks and I had been looking around in my stash for a pattern, no such luck. Then some one at Circles told me that you had made a pair and had a pattern. Fabulous !
Even more Fabulous is that someyhing in the back of my mind told me that I might have the GoodHousekeeping Book of Needlecraft somewheres. Yeah Baby !
On page 309 (?), there it is: Pattern for Men's Argyle Socks.
I will heed your mother's advice, though. The siren call of the chart almost had me banging in sick in order to start the socks.


I am an impatient knitter who can barely muster the strength of character necessary for 1.5 inches of ribbing, and I am certainly not interested in entering into a throwdown with yo' mama. However--and this is not a justification for my undeniably slatternly ways--I am not convinced of the necessity for 3" of ribbing if you are not knitting a knee-high. But perhaps these are knee-highs, rather than 7"-8" highs? Or perhaps your mama has knee-highs in mind? Proportionally, 3" seems like quite a lot unless you are knitting a tall sock or stocking.

I am intrigued by your circular ribbing/straight argyle method. Very clever!


Looks like magic loop is your method- just learning that this week. I'm good with one sock- but two? A head banging experience at best. Those Jolly Rogers are going to look awesome when done!


I can't wait to knit these too! Knit Picks got a special order just for the yarn. I can't wait!!!! (did I say that already?)


I couldn't resist either. Using an old Bucilla pattern book (vol 340) I drafted out the ARRRgyles using knitting graph paper at a gauge of 8st/11 rows per inch. I redrew the skull to fit my diamonds and everything. An hour later showed it to DH and was informed he wouldn't wear argyle.... sigh. It was very fun though...


I have only recently started reading your blog and do like what you are doing with Argyle. Take a look at this link:
sorry it's so long, I don't know how to shorten it.


Where do pirate socks like to eat?


Sorry, couldn't resist.

Can't wait to see the socks.


It's all about proportion darlings. Knit the 2 1/2 to 3" of ribbing or your socks will look stubby. And nobody wants stubby socks! Listen to your mother.

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