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I love the argyle and would love to join you, but you're going to have to tell me where to get solid sock yarn and the pattern. 'Cause I can't find either here. OK, there is a bit of solid sock yarn, but it's mostly ugly and brown.


As soon as I am finished selling my house and moving, I am so with you on the argyle socks! I may even be able to make a pair for a Christmas present.


Want to know the truth. A blogless member of my Stitch 'n Bitch group knit those argyle socks (black, white and grey) and they are soooo worth every minute of the knitting. I definitely had "argyle envy" when she modeled them. But I loathe and dispise intarsia.


I do want to join you, I do, but I have so many projects going right now. I even have an argyle sock pattern, and probably enough Dale yarn scraps to piece a pair together. I will have to think if there's someone I can knit argyle socks for as a holiday gift, 'cause I plan to start those soon.

The Feminist Mafia

Me, me! I love argyle socks. What pattern are you using?


You shall NOT distract me from the call of the Latvian\Estonian Mitten...or was that the Lace, wasn't there supposed to be spinning?


I have argyle PTSD from a failed vest attempt in college.

Don't ask.

Beth S.

I KNEW this day would come, if I were patient enough! :-)


Would have joined in but distracted by...other things. Be brave, knit on alone. We will meet you on the other side and respect you always.


I confess, intarsia scares me, but maybe this is a good project to learn on? Your color scheme is positively inspiring! Let me just finish my socks-in-progress this weekend, and perhaps stop at the LYS for some solid-color yarn...


SWEET sock!! I'd be in for an argile sock ... or two, as long as there wasn't a hard deadline! Too Many Projects!!

It looks like you are knitting back and forth on that? Where did you get the pattern?!? I love your sock!

The Purloined Letter

A friend who is working on her Master Knitting thing is about to embark on her first argyles. I'll send her your way!


You are rocking and rolling. I'm not sure how I feel about argyle -- I did knit an argyle vest in acrylic yarn - when I was a junior in high school. I may have post-argyle-stress as a result of that experience.


The sock is beautiful and I hear you talking, but I'm not all that keen on making argyle socks. I think you're gonna be by your lonesome (unless you can talk someone else into doing it with you!).


Love it! Am taking leave of absense from work for personal reasons. Have time, yarn and desire. Where is the pattern. Wait, going to yarn store, maybe they have one. Sweater can wait, it is 90 degrees and not getting cooler out. socks will be better, yes!!!!


I am a huge fan of argyle... if someone else makes it. I love how all the diamonds fit together, but intarsia scares me and I hate weaving in a gazillion ends. Your sock looks nifty, though ;)



I want to knit those socks as well, I have been checking back hopeing that you would talk about them again.


Hm. Well, I have a lot of solid colored sock yarn... and I do love the argyle pattern... and I've been looking for a new little project to start...

Wait!! What am I saying?! I don't knit socks. And I don't join alongs either!

You almost had me there for a minute. You almost had me. Your siren's song nearly lured me in.

Julia in KW

I need to know...are you knitting in the round or do you seam the patterned part once complete? My son wants Argyl socks, I have lots of vintage sock patterns, but am still feeling "inadequate" and shake and quake at the thought...thanks...I love the vibrant!


I'm just learning socks and argyle would just push me over the edge! Yours are beautiful though. Excuse my ignorance, but pray tell, what is that thing in the upper right hand corner of the photo?


um ... Julia? I have some argyles on the needles. I started them last winter, after you started yours, and just didn't say anything because I didn't want to look like such a stalker. I inherited a bunch of my mother's old knitting books (circa 1940s), and am trying to adapt a pattern I found in one of them.

I'll knit along with you. Argyle can be lonely.


p.s. love the boxcar in the upper right hand corner. trying to tempt us into joining you for the ride?


Scoop = stonkingly good ! Just fabulous ! Really suits you.
Argyle sock = you do like a challenge. I'm happy to just watch.



I would knit one with you. I would love to. I just have too many things I have to knit to knit something I want to. Did you get my last email?


I had a bumper sticker made for me "I Heart Argyle" ok thats the family friendly version. I adore anything in argyle. I am planing an argyle sweater and I am planning argyle knee socks, however my only LYS closed so I have to order stuff in. **SIGH**. Seriously Argyle Rocks.

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