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It doesn't surprise me that you'd be good at necking. :)

Beth S.

Very professional-looking. :-)


Most of my sweaters are Frankensweaters. In fact, I teach all my Sweater 101 students how to Frankensweater. I take one size larger around my hips, so I always cast on for the largest size and then decrease to a smaller size for my narrow shoulders. As far as neckbands go, I just make sure I've picked up the right ratio of stitches for the neckband pattern (ribbed, moss, whatever) and then I stop worrying as long as there are no obvious gaps. I figure I'm usually moving too fast for someone to get an acurate count ;>

Looking forward to seeing your Scoop!


Nice neck you've got there.


Each one of those 142 stitches is thanking you right now.


hey, good tip on the contrast color yarn! I usually rip and then try to remember where the previous pickups were by spotting the little holes. Not so effective.

The Purloined Letter

I have all the pieces of a V-neck cardigan sitting in a basket smelling of sweetgrass--all because I am too much of a chicken to pick up that enormous number of stitches. Thanks for the tips!


Wow Julia! It looks so good and well worth the time to get it right, don't you think? I am having iron envy from your previous post. I stumbled onto the Rowenta with the Inox surface with it's rocket steam action a couple of years ago. It was a new lease on knitting and housework, but the ironing board that sucks sounds ultra fabulous! Of course, my husband would say he couldn't justify the cost because nothing will help me keep that ironing pile at bay! Yes, I know, I am one of the few women in America that iron. I love cotton, what can I say?


I used to struggle with picking up the right # of stitches too. then I saw a hint somewhere about picking up one stitch for every stitch and decreasing on the first row ...beautiful.

The Other Julia

I pick up stitches on a 1:1 correspondence around the neckline, count them, and then decrease evenly across the first round. It avoids counting and calculating, and prevents unsightly gaps as well.


But how do you figure out what the target number of stitches to pick up is? Use the pattern, you might say, but I don't follow patterns so well. I mean, I make choices like using a yarn in a different gauge so I recalculate the stitch counts and so on. Or I make the garment shorter than recommended so obviously I need to pick up less.

Is there a guideline for figuring out the pick-ups?

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