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Lee Ann

I love you.




I am in awe. I grovel at your argyled feet. I wonder why you would do this to yourself, and admire the uniquqe personal bent that lets you enjoy it. (omigawdomigawdomigawd!)

Valerie in San Diego

I'm so there.


oh sure. Now. After I've knit a whole set of diamonds.


Love it! Do you think it would be acceptable for my TKGA Master Knitter's entry. For level 2 you need to do a "traditional Argyle sock". I'm not there yet (haven't submitted level 1 yet), but when I'm am, I'll be so tempted to do this. Would it count as traditional?


OK, NOW you've got me. I'm in. Totally in. Black. With pink and green. The best that prep-punk can offer.

Please send it my way.


I'm so not a scull person, but that is awesome cool!

Elizabeth in Norway

I think this is what I need to get me to finally try knitting argyle socks! I would definitely like a copy of the full sized graph. I am going back to school and starting my life over in a few weeks. Since most of my classmates are likely to be young men straight out of secondary school, it would be fun to be knitting something attention-grabbing when I meet them, rather than totally grandmotherly!

Rachel H

Yes please. And any other instructions you'd like to pass along with it.

oh, and btw? damn you.


Count me in...too cute!


You crack me up. E-mail me THE BIG ONE. I may just have to knit argyles.


Furiously planning a baby sweater around this. Would love the full size. Will attribute all brilliance to you.


Ah...I KNEW Lee Ann would love that!

not an artist

Oh my, that is too funny. Please send me a copy of the full chart!


I love it. I am definitely making this.


I just found you through Yarn Harlot's blog, saw this and had to jump in. I'd love a copy of this, if it is still available (free, or fee?). Have some pirate-y friends who'd absolutely love that...Christmas sock-gifts, anyone? ^_~


Full size graph? Yes, please!


Awesome, have enjoyed your journey into Argyle sockedness. beautiful


Yes, please send me the full-size graph. It's perfect.


This will thrill my 12-year old daughter to her jolly roger toes. We did a felting workshop together and she worked a skull onto her bag despite all objections. When the bag was done it appeared that the skull was upside-down. After a little thought she decided that this was absolutely in keeping with black magical upside-down crosses and carries it absolutely everywhere.
Please, please can you send me the instructions?

Beth S.



Don't forget to work it upside down if you're using it for cuff-down socks.


Now *that* I like.


I would kill for a full-sezed graph of that, but if you're giving it away, I won't complain. I can already envisage a few things this might get applied to in the near future...

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