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Lovely sweater... I need to make a sweater again. Might have to think about that one... Hmmm.

Venus spinning. Hmm. I agree with that idea! She does look like she's in the midst of a drop spindle endeavor. In your picture, I thought you were just showing off the cuffs, until you mentioned it, though.

Have a great one,
Cat (Who has not started my pirate hat, but will be making it Burgandy!)


Brava for Scoop!
B.O.Y.(Because Of You), I will now forever associate that statue with spinning. :- )


Nice sweater! Looks really good on you.


I wonder if she's spinning it off her thigh the way that I do?

That sweater is really lovely on you.


ooooo, nice sweater. That's just jumped way up the list of sweaters-I-want-to-knit. And I love the orange on you.


Lovely! Looks great on you. Ahh, another one to add to the list!


Your sweater looks great though yep, you could probably use a smaller size, stop over-estimating your middle! ;) Your Venus story cracks me up. For a second I thought you were in the middle of a wack-rabbit dance move.


It looks great, I love the color! I had the same misgivings about the sizing. I actually made the one that matched my bust size, but doubted that it would fit the entire time I was making it. Even the first time I put it on, I thought it was too snug. But then I realized that it was supposed to be like that and that the ribbing hugs and accentuates your natural curves. It works magic for the butt-region. :)


Gorgeous sweater. Love the color.
I've always thought Venus looks as though she's contemplating a wheel purchase. She has a bit of a "hmmm . . . now that's a nice orifice" look about her.

Beth S.

HA HA HA hee hee hoo SNORT! But if you post incriminating photos, your husband may cease to bring home antique spinning wheels.

Scoop looks magnificent. It's the perfect shade of orange, the neck is beautifully proportioned, and it looks like something that you could wear absolutely anywhere, with the right accessories... with jeans and clogs on the weekend, with a skirt or dress slacks to go Somewhere Nice. I love versatile pieces like that.


Looks excellent. And I am SO curious about the David poses. Never mind.


Gorgeous. I never would have thought that sweater would be so flattering. Trying to resist the thrall of new yarn and a new pattern in my tiny little basket...


Very, very nice. The kind of thing you'll wear a million times -- such a great, classic style and flattering color. Well done, m'dear!


I want to make the Scoop now, too! It looks great on you! In the meantime, I'll just be sittin' here thinkin' about your husband's David . . . (jk!)


Yumm... I really like that sweater. Guess its another one for the list.


You look great! Love the smile that comes along with wearin' that sweater!


It's gorgeous. I really liked how it turned out. Great job! Good tip about sizing too. I see one in my future for the fall.


That looks like a great comfy summer sweater - so wearable.


You're right, it does look like she's spindling. I bet there's a bunch of art historians somewhere who would be interested in your observation.

The Feminist Mafia

Oh, it looks great. Well done!


Very nice! I've had my Scoop ready to add neck and button bands for weeks now. It's a really fast knit if you don't leave it lying around unfinished for months at a time!


So that's what a clothed Venus would look like.....



Niiiiice. It looks lovely enough to make a devout pullover girl reconsider her anti-cardigan stand.....

Also? That's a fantastic color for you.

The Purloined Letter

What a great pose (at least once you explained it!)


Love your Scoop!
Looks great on you!

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