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Rachel H

Fabulous arrrgyles, Cap'n!

.: tani :.

so cute. what more can i say? adorable....for a pirate. :)


ha! they're arrgggsome!


Pirates probably wouldn't like this but those arrrgyles are adorable!



Sharon G.

I love them! You're making me REALLY want to venture into the world-o-argyle socks.


Fabulous. I will definitely play with that argyle pattern someday - I just don't know when yet!


I was working at the shop Saturday when I asked a woman what she was making: An argyle vest with skull & crossbones for her musician husband!!! So I quickly sent her your way. I believe she was a little disappointed to hear that she wasn't the only clever knitter who'd thought of it... but I know that feeling and know better the feeling of "I can design it!" Later: "I've ripped this 8 times, maybe I should've done a swatch and a chart on knitter's graph paper instead of being so lazy..." So thanks for posting the charts on behalf of my customer!


Julia, will you let Pam know that her patterns are not "viewable". I went to her awesome website and it doesn't allow anonymous comments. :(

Dana Deraney

Great socks! I am dying to try argyle but keep picturing the half finished pair in my mom's sewing basket that she started in college and were still there 20 years later! On anohter note, can anyone help me to get a button on my blog/ I am new to this and there just doesn't seem to be anywhere that tells you how...Thanks.


Hooray! The sock is so awesome!


why did't you finish the orange diamond at the heel? it looks chopped off


Oh, I love them--great job!!!


Wow! The Arrrgyle looks great! My progress is slow but I'll keep plugging away. I've downloaded the arrgyle button and added it to my home page. Thanks!


DAMN! I went out and bought sock yarn for a pair this morning...

anne hanson

these socks are great! somehow you got knocked out of my newgator feeds and i've been missing all your recent posts. and i was wondering why you hadn't posted in forever! i've got some catching up to do.


Hey - thanks for linking to my sock pattern! I love your Pirate Argyles - very very cute!

I didn't realize until I looked here that I was over my download limit at GeoCities. I'm working on an alternate host for my patterns, but until then, they are also available as the original posts in my blog. The post links are in my sidebar, and the new .pdf download links will be there asap.

Sorry about that!!!


Wow! What a great pattern! I'll definately have to do some Arrrgyle Socks next.

Thanks so much for stopping by Valley Fabrics, by the way! It was wonderful to meet you and Kellee and the rest of the group. Hope to see you and your skirts again soon!


I love those socks--they are definitely on my fall knitlist--thanks for charting it.


Nice! You can always remember my birthday because it coincides with International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Aren't you jealous?


Very cool!

Dread Pirate Robert

Those are the coolest socks ever! And Happy Birthday Kim!

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