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Sounds like a good solution to me--and that shawl is going to be stunning!


That looks gorgeous... I love anything fleece artist! And now I think I might have to put Wing of the Moth in the project queue, because of you and Beth =)


Gorgeous!! Damn, now I'm jealous! That is THE yarn to knit this in.

And you are so racing, I knew you couldn't resist a challenge! Yes! This will be so fun. And I can see I need to catch up a little.


Is there anything better than finding the perfect pattern for a yarn you love?

Rachel H

Interesting 'not racing' technique you have there.


even I am envious!! that IS the perfect yarn julia! and even better to use something from your stash befoe the moths get it (hardy-har-har).
but really. you DO need to get some douceur for an emergency. any emergency. yes, it's that good.


Oh now I will be hovering around here hoping to see the project as it progresses -- It is going to be heavenly....

Beth S.

Lord, that's even more beautiful than I was imagining!... (Of course, it's Fleece Artist, the woman has never dyed a skein of yarn that wasn't breathtaking.)

I've done four repeats. Was contemplating taking a picture, but it doesn't look like much yet, plus it's late and there's no natural light... Maybe I'll do it anyway and then hit the sack. Racing is hard work; I'm exhausted! ;-)


"It's kind of like an old Beaujolais gone over to the undrinkable side, fruit and acid exhausted, with only the whispers of what might have been." Your description is heavenly! I just got some fingering alpaca today that I may try. It's a soft dusty yellow gold. It looked promising until I saw what you've got!


Beautiful colors...and I'm with Janet on your description. Can't wait to see some progress photos!


That is a beautiful pattern, and I love Anne's site - thanks for pointing it out. I love both pictures and words, and although I do have to confess to skimming many a blog, I never skim here. Can't wait to see the Moth Heaven version of the shawl.
xox, OJ


Perfect description of the colors. You crazy racing gals!


The yarn is a lovely color for fall. Are you really 6 ft. tall?


That yarn is fabulous for the shawl. I bought the pattern yesterday and was planning on using Zephyr. Now I'm wondering if I should use mohair instead. Hmmm.


Your description of the color is spot on! It's going to look stunning on you. Race on girl!


beautiful color! Can't wait to see it knit up into the shawl. Post progress pictures???????


I remember calling you "dangerous" recently and I maintain, dangerous. Stash-encouragement! Links to amazing up-and-coming designers! AAAARRRGH! Could I be any more pleased to read your blog? Probably not, you send it out in just the right doses.


Such a you color. Oh, and more pictures next time please, it hurts my poor little brain to see so much text ;-)


Oh, DELICIOUS yarn. That's going to be GORGEOUS when you're done.


That is a gorgeous color. It'll look great on you, too.


Well I, for one am excited to know that there is a section of you stash that you feel is under-represented enough to be called 'meager'. Not that what you found in there goes very far towards making us believe you.

That said, you've set me to wondering about the sea silk that recently lept recklessly into the stash bin here. This would certainly be a lovely use for it, wouldn't it?


That shawl is going to be so beautiful, and that color will be stunning on you.


I have to say, you are quite the enabler, aren't you? Besides sending me over to many more blogs that I'm enjoying reading, thanks for that! I've also felt the need to have this pattern. You're hurting me, but I do adore that pattern. Yikes. You're really racing along too.

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