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I made one of those in plush. Such a cute, fun pattern!


I have to say, right now, unsewn, the bear looks a little bit like roadkill. But I have high hopes for its miraculous incarnation as a sewn, stuffed, three-dimensional toy. Very cute!


I love knitting little things like that once in a while. What fun. Like Ryan, I am looking forward to the bear looking less like roadkill and more like the wonderful toy he is destined to be.


Besides you definitely need a break from the "man" sweater. A little side project never hurt anybody! (hehe, she says sneakily!)


Hey you found the green yarn!

Celebration is in order...what did you want to knit with that anyway?


Yay, you found the green yarn.


I tend to have at least three things going at once. And when I get bored with one, I have to move on to the next one cause I've been ignoring it and really, that's not nice.

In other news, I'm the lurker that de-lurked for birthday wishes and ended up winning the Lorena's Laces. (Yeah, that was a while ago. Happy almost Half Birthday.) However, I finally swatched and started socks. I love love love this yarn and the colors and just wanted to say thanks and I'm still reading. And lurking.


It doesn't look like much flat but it'll look cute stuffed.


I can't remember what you wanted to knit with that green yarn either, and now I'm curious. Glad you found it though.


What an adorable little bear - my kiddos could definitely use a diversion like that. I wonder if it would be OK in a non-fuzzy wool from the stash?


I was looking for something like this. Thanks! Such an easy and quick knit. Even with a busy schedule. And so cute! I made one for a friend and now find myself needing to knit about a dozen. LOL! One for myself of course. ;)


Nothing like a little instant gratification!

The Purloined Letter

Great pattern! Very cute. And what emotional healing after what happened to the shawl.

Hope to meet you in Rhinebeck!

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