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Thankfully I bought all of the Starmore books when they first came out. Maybe she isn't the one who owns the copy right on them...not sure. She sure has become reclusive (to our detriment).


Definitely the Black Water Abbey. Yum.


CD is in my queue but I don't think I'm ready to move it up. I'm itching more for Gathering Intentions from the Fiona Ellis book.


About every couple of months I pull down my copies of Fishermans Sweaters and Celtic Whatever, page through them, oooh and aaaah, and that's as far as I get. I keep getting bogged down trying to figure out equivalent yarns to use. I think it may be time to actually do some swatching. I look forward to watching your progress with Celtic Dreams. That's another on my to-knit list.


It's my understanding that the early AS books are caught in a dispute between her and the publisher, and that the rights are either with the publisher or held jointly, so until and unless they can work something out (and apparently that's going to coincide with a rush on snowblowers in Hell), there isn't going to be a reissue.

The Purloined Letter

Oh, just to DREAM about owning both Starmore's Aran and Fair Isle! I can't even get the Aran one through interlibrary loan.

Celtic Dreams is beautiful, too! Cables are so addictive.


Celtic Dreams is really gorgeous and the cables really pop in BWA. I just ordered a different BBR pattern yesterday -- "Diamonds and Triangles."


Thanks for the kick in the pants. I cast off for Sunrise Circle last night, had it seamed up by 11:00 this morning and am off to look through my button collection.

You are going to love this sweater!


If I had had any idea her books would appreciate like that, I would have bought more! I took AS's first Fair Isle class at Straw back in the 80's. She was an excellent teacher and funny, and her mom and a few other older women who lived near her had done a lot of her samples. She told great stories. It makes me sad to see how she changed as success grabbed her.


I just read another blogger somewhere who was about to do a Starmore but decided the shape was to "unshapely" for her and instead started Celtic Dreams. That's on my long, neverending list. I have some Jamieson's that I had earmarked for St. Brigid but personally I would do Celtic Dreams instead too.

Lynne E.

When I asked AS about book reprints, at a workshop several years ago, she said that she simply preferred to move on--that her published patterns were over and done with.

Since then, of course, AS has reworked several of those older patterns for her current line of yarns. Kits that include the patterns are available at her Virtual Yarns website. However, imo, the reworked patterns aren't nearly as attractive as the originals.


Cables are calling me too, especially Celtic Dreams. I'm pretty sure I have the yarn for it stashed away someplace. So if you go for that one, count me in.


What do you think of me making the Celtic Dreams in the Beaverslide Wool/Mohair? Good idea? Bad idea?

Marcy, Not so Blogless

You need this book, too: . :D


It's in my queue, but I have to get back to the husband Elsebeth Lavold sweater first. Was actually thinking about doing it in Magpie. Or that Beaverslide that everyone is screaming about.


Oh, Cassie's Celtic Dreams is just gorgeous. Starmore or Celtic Dreams, either way you can't go wrong. The BWA yarn is beautiful and hopefully it washes up softer than it feels initially. I think it would make a beautiful sweater. It's funny how being monogamous to one project makes it fly by.


The owner of a legit copy of a book has every right to sell it, so Alice is stuck there... Lots of people would love to reissue her stuff, but she holds onto the rights & doesn't let them be reissued--which is a lesson in why publishers shoulf never let those classics go out of print.


I admit that I do not know the legalities of publishing, who hold rights etc, but I really hate that "information" (Which is how I veiw the patterns) should be so restricted because the books are no longer in publication. I have not been knitting very long, and I fell in love with her Little Rivers Shawl from "Stillwater". I just happened to join a swap, and list it as my "if money were no object" project, and I think that I have found someone who will sell me the book. But then I do not want to see any more of her patterns in out of print books. People are stealing them from the libraries to sell, so I could not even get it via interlibraty loan.

Teresa C

Whatever you decide, it will be so fun watching it come along. I love, love, love cables.


800g, not quite two pounds. ;-)

And I can't for the life of me figure out why I want so badly to mention that I have Pacific Coast Highway. I think I'm feeling a little snarky today.


Celtic Dreams is gorgeous...and very much on my list. I had planned on starting mine after the holiday madness dies down. If you wanted to start in January...


That is beautiful! I'm just starting a cable sweater myself - seems like when cool weather hits, it's time to cable!


i have a bunch of starmore books that i got from off-price tables at bookstores in the 80s and early 90s. but the one i will forever kick myself for not getting is that charted patterns book! my LYS at the time sold it for about $27., and it was too expensive for me in 1992. sigh. i should've gone without food that week . . .


I have PCH - let me know if you want to borrow it.


Have you considered getting these books through Inter Library Loan? It shouldn't cost more than a few dollars and the your library will locate the books and have them brought in for you to check out. I did this with a rare felting book and was so thrilled to get to read it:>.

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