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Rachel H

Did you really, really say 'yippee'?


Yippee!! If she didn't really say it, I said it for her. ;-)
That point is a big hurdle. I had to do that with my first lace project, and it was a point of both fear and elation. (Fear, because it required dropping stitches to let them run, and the first time I'd done it wrong and couldn't get the blasted stitches back on the needles!)

Teresa C

Hey, me too! But only with a sock. I did let it sit for months and then, presto-zippo! Ripping meant nothing to me. Just part of that particular process. And well worth it. That sweater will be even more worth it.


Ugh. I'm so there. Check out my's my 'Perfect Sweater'. It beat me up... So it will sit in the corner for a time out!


Good for you! Thanks to you I have learned something new today: North America has four continental divides. I had no idea.


Nah, sometimes ripping and beginning again immediately is like ripping the band-aid. Just get it over with.

Ask me how I know THAT.

But passing the point of previously recognized error can be quite a cleansing feeling.....

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