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Yeah, I remember that--it threw me off, too, but I deciphered/deduced which chart was which by comparing it to the written instructions for each stitch pattern. And then, yes, scribbling the correct name by each chart! So much for accurate proof-reading, huh?


That's a huge discrepancy. I don't get how that wasn't caught before. It's great that you did this post for future Celtic Dreams knitters.


Thank you so much! I just ordered the pattern, which arrived two days ago. It was the incorrect one. And you're right, the stitch doesn't match the photo anyway. I'm not that experienced a knitter and you saved me a world of worry.


thanks for posting this. i'm probably starting this over christmas and it's nice to know in advance.


I dug out my copy of the pattern all ready to make any necessary fixes but mine's OK. :)


Glad you were able to get some errata, although you went with something different anyway. It sucks when the proof-reading isn't done as well as we hope/need.


Thanks for the info! But my question is, how are your hands surviving the yarn?? I love Black Abbey, but I need to wear gloves when I knit!!

Beth S.

You have a new banner! :-) It's lovely--how big is that stitch marker, anyway?...


I have to dig my pamphlet out now and take a look - but since I followed the magazine charts, if mine was wrong I didn't notice. (Just checked - mine is right.)


Mine was wrong, too. This just is not a nice thing to do to us knitters. You'd think the designer would have a corrections section on her website.


You know, I actually ran across my old IK mag that has that pattern in it shortly after you posted, and looked at the charts (it's on my to-knit list). It looked okay to me (though I'd think that was more basketweave too, but whatevah). It looks like they took something correct and broke it, because the correct version is in the old old OLD IK. Anyway...

Caroline M

I had the pattern book come in the post this morning - I have the same (wrong) version that you do. Thank you for the correction, it may be years before I knit it but at least it's right now.

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