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Darn, the dog ate my styrofoam ball a few days ago. Really - it's still shredded on the carpet. (Someone Was Supposed To Vacuum It Up Before He Left). Hubby left the door open to my studio and the pup is never one to miss an opportunity like that. I shall buy another asap and Be Prepared.

67 is NOT warm. 74 is okay. Toss in a nice wool blanket, two furry cats across your feet and you're almost there. Get better!

Mary from Boise

The jacket is beautiful. I love the way you did the buttons too.


Feel better, J. The sweater -- to die for.


A modelled shot would be lovely when you are feeling up to snuff.


The sweater is beautiful - I love that rosy red.


Wholly crap Batman, that's gorgeous.

Go you. It's on the never ending, never shortening list of things to make.

Feel better.


Sorry you are feeling under the weather. Hope you get to feeling better sooner. Sunrise Circle looks gorgeous.


Your sweater is so beautiful! sorry you're feeling poorly and hope you get better soon.


Sunrise looks warm in both color and design. Hope you are feeling better soon.


Woo Hoo Sunrise Circle! Looks great. That's pretty much exactly the colour I'm hoping to make mine. Sorry to hear you're under the weather. I hope your little Dude will give you the space and time to recover.

Btw, I love the new title bar!


Your Sunrise Circle looks lovely!! Hope you're feeling less under the weather soon.

Jen da Purse Ho

your sweater is FABOO!!! :) I can't wait to see that pattern. thanks so much for listening to our cries. :)


When you're back in commission, we get a modeled shot, right? Please?

Feel better.


Every picture of that sweater has me liking it even more. Model when you feel better. Feel better, soon!

Expat knits

I love the jacket! Great colour and clever button placement.


I've had problems with charting things too. If you have a good way to do this, please let me know. It would be really helpful. Thanks!


feel better! if it's any consolation, i haven't put up any decorations at all. we won't be home for christmas, so why bother?


Wonderful sweater! I hope you feel better soon ...... something cruddy seems to be making the rounds.


Sorry you're feeling YUCK. The sweater is incredible. Perfect buttons. Hope it's keeping you good and snug and warm until you're feeling better.


I just got a NEW Anthropologie (Anthro-apology) catalog on Saturday. This one has an ottoman made from recycled (i.e. filthy dirty) canvas packing containers. Button tufted, but still. Makes me feel better about living amongst my late MIL's eccentric faded tchotchkes (both 'eccentric' and 'faded' being euphemisms). Anyway I'd love to chat but I've got to phone the Anthropologie people to see if they want to shoot a catalog here. xox Kay


Your sweater is fabulous! Feel better soon.
I chart in Excel using a free knit font, export to PDF and then copy and paste the image. Not exactly straightforward, but I suppose you could do the same in Word and skip the whole PDF/copy/paste thing.


The sweater is a stunner! So sorry you're unwell, but I'd be freezing too if the temp in my house was at 67. We usually keep it at 74 when we are home. Keep the sweater on. Maybe an electric blankie too. Feel better!

Beth S.

Ugh, poor thing! Rest up while you can, drink your immunity defense juice (I know, it's all marketing, but I still buy it every time I feel a sore throat coming on) and enjoy being wrapped in a lovely new sweater.

As for the cold hands--got wristwarmers? ;-)


Sorry to hear you're feeling lousy, but the lovely sweater will make you feel cozy, at least! :0)


LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweater! Feel better soon. I can't wait for the ornament pattern!!!

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