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Rachel H

Excellent progress with number 4. Especially since it's two days before you technically have to stick to it again. I'm abundantly jealous about the part where you were with Juno.

As for your resolutions in total, 1: yep for me too. 2: does writing comments count? coz that's the bulk of the writing I do. 3: the boychild eats healthily. I need to improve on that. 4: I don't have a stash that's worthy of the name in respectable company, but I'm with you on the need for focus. Especially since with two 2nd socks I'd wanted to finish before the stroke of midnight tomorrow night (barely doable at best given my speed) I decided yesterday to buy yarn to make the boychild a sweater. Which I started last night. And ripped and restarted this morning as the size I started on would've looked like a dress on him.

Happy New Year, my friend. And may I say that getting to meet you in person this year was very definitely one of the highlights of 2006. One I hope to repeat many times in years to come.


If there is any Magpie in all that Rowan that you would like to be relieved of (and compensated for, of course!) P-L-E-A-S-E, let me know. Im'm your gal! Happy New Year.


Oooh, the classic elite warehouse...I keep meaning to get there when I'm visiting family in Merrimac and Andover, but it never seems to happen. I thought I had a stash...seems like yours is more. I got flummoxed this summer when I came across not a yard sale, but a bona fide yarn sale. Good yarn at a yard sale, $2 and $3 a skein. I stocked up, probably spent about $150, or more? I'm actually making gauge swatch for dh bd sweater (due date 1/20) from some of that yarn. And I have a lot of this and or two skeins of each interesting yarn. Am contemplating a sideways striped sweater. Or even that beautiful Norah Gaughn pentagon shrug that graces the newest Vogue Knitting, as a sweater, and in multiple colors....we'll see.


Please give my love to Juno.

As for the Rowan, any good discontinued stuff that I might like?



Phew. Worthy ambitions. Maybe there's still a chance to buy more yarn tomorrow?


Be strong. I need to de-stash (and will say nothing of the many balls of yarn I have snuck into the house today) It can be so amazing what can be knitted in a short time if you don't get "distracted". Feel better soon. *hugs*


All good. Perhaps a little blogger support for #1 is in order -- I was doing great with Weight Watchers and some of it has crept back on with my inattention. And I agree -- a bit of focus does wonders for getting stuff done. I'd also gladly help with the Rowan stash :-)


Your C.D. is looking great . . . I really do love that pattern!


Yup, knitting focus can be a wonderful thing. But often tough to maintain. My personal weakness is small side projects, like the couple-three hats for newborns I decided to crank out this weekend. Then there was the Christmas sock, doomed never to be a pair; total waste of time, that was. Before that a week spent knitting hats at top speed for Soaring Eagles. Meanwhile, the Dulaan sweater languishes with an armpit-high body and 1-1/2 sleeves. And whenohwhen will I finish these WIP so I can knit a sweater for myself?


Hmmm. Good luck with all of it. You know about the Destash Blog? It's good for clearing out some of that yarn you know you'll never use.


I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Such fine intentions. Sounds like you are back in action. Happy to hear it and a Happy New Year!


Those all sound good, and I especially like #4. I've been contemplating Knit From Stash for some time, wondering if I dare, wondering if I really could, even with all the loopholes. Your resolution sounds so sensible and manageable.


I think there are alot of us who have made some sort of Stash Resolution, even before Wendy's "Knit From Your Stash".

And let's not talk about 20 pounds. Really. I still have half a Texas Sheet Cake in my freezer that's calling my name.


It's interesting to see so many who have embraced some time of stash resolution for the new year. It seems 'tis the season. I'll be right there with you, although I do have problems concenrating on one project solely. I tend to get bored, although I can work on one project for a time, it's hard to solely dedicate to one project for very long for me.


That corset yarn was totally not my fault.


I have to get to that warehouse the next time I'm heading north. I'm scared what I may find though! I'm also running off to check Webs for that yarn. I've been eyeing that sweater for a while now!


i should've just linked to your resolutions......


My favorite (read, most embarrasing) stories regarding stash usually involve walking with a new knitter friend through a yarn store and saying things like, "Yorkshire Tweed, I just love that yarn. I have 15 skeins at home." Or wondering out loud if a pattern was "worth" breaking into my box of Jamieson Soft Shetland in discontinued colors. Houston, we have a problem here. So, all 2007 work will be considered first as "stash management." Keep up the good work on your end!

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