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That's pretty cute. Different -- she (the gov) looks like she's fun to hang out with.


I love the dog... wonder who's mitten that is! ; )


that is indeed a clever card. ha!


I wonder if she knits? Good card, indeed!


Great card, but as a native Yooper (one from the UP that is), I have to take issue with the backwards facing peninsula. I love the mittens, but I bet she's got a mailing list full of indignant disgruntled Yoopers on her hands! Don't they have aides to check these things!? Thanks for giving me a good laugh!


Great photo. They actually thought about it instead of just getting some canned shot. My favorite part is the dog holding its own mitten. :-)

Lynne E.

Thanks so much for posting this! I've looked at it any number of times. I've even learned some geography, as I'd forgotten completely that Michigan had an extra piece. Call me insular in California.


That put a smile on my face. Too cute!


That's so cute!

Whatta mean trolls? hehe I always point my top MI hand the right way.


Oops. I meant Whatta ya mean by trolls? I need a nap!


Very cute. I loved the dog getting in on the action. So much better than the cards I get from my MP.

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