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Thanks for asking, Julia! Unfortunately, I've got nothing for you because I'm in the same situation. But I'll be checking back. ;-)


I currently have a crappy camera and crappy photos, but word on the street is that santa is bringing me a Nikon D50, so I hope that will change soon.


My partner just bought a Canon EOS 400D (I think they're called 'Digital Rebel' overseas). He got it without the standard lens, and bought a different zoom lens and a small, very fast lens that's great for taking pictures inside (it lets in a lot of light). Granted, these cameras and lenses cost a small fortune, but it's worth it for us for a number of reasons. Some of the most recent photos in my flickr -- -- were taken with the camera, as were the latest pics in the Mister's flickr -- .


I have a Canon SD600. It's small, which I like because I can carry it everywhere. But it takes good photos, even when I want to get really close.


whoops -- that etsy listing was supposed to be my flickr -- stupid copy and paste! grr!


My camera is a Canon digital Rebel XT with a 28-200 lens. It's got 8 MP which is overkill, I think about 5 is really quite sufficient. Rumor has it Santa considered a closeup lens for me but I think it was out of his budget, perhaps for birthday but I think I manage okay without it. I have a 2 gig memory card for it that's enough for even a fabulous weeklong vacation. A fabulous place to get camera advice is


i have a canon digital elph, but am looking to get the 30D with a 50mm lens. A good digital SLR should help you, like the Digital Rebel.


I have the same Canon SD600 Elph as Carole. Love it. It fits in your pocket.


For as much as I would love to have a digital SLR, I can't justify the expense. We did have a Kodak one that was perfect for blog photos as it had all the focus settings I wanted, especially macro. However it was dropped and hasn't worked right since.
So I'm using a Sony Cybershot now, and its OK, but lacks the versatility I want. There are plenty of point and shoot, high megapixel cameras out there with versatility, that aren't as expensive as a SLR.


I love my Nikon Coolpix P1 and I think the Coolpix P3 is even better (it was still "coming soon" when I bought the P1 or I'da bought the P3). Here's a snip from a review I found online: "The COOLPIX P3 and P4 feature a 1/1.8-inch CCD and, because they offer 8.1 effective megapixels of image resolution, both cameras deliver outstanding imaging power that’s not only enough to show beautiful skin texture and capture the myriad colours of the human eye. It also means shots stay breathtakingly clear even when significantly enlarged." The whole review:
Hope you get your camera!


I have the Canon digital elph400 that I carry around with me all the time 'cause it's tiny. It makes a pretty good picture most of the time. I would love something that could take a tighter shot. I'm always jealous of people's process shots where they show the stitches up very close.


Flickr has a neat brose feature where you can search by camera. It could be very helpful to see what a camera can do.
Hope this helps.


I have an old Sony Cybershot (DSC-85, I think). It's not a pocket camera -- it looks and feels like a "real" camera and that's one of the things I like about it. It doesn't feel like a toy, isn't shaped like a credit card, doesn't fit in my pocket, and it's not always the most comfortable thing to carry around, but it takes pretty darn good pictures and that's what I want a camera for! I could take a ton more with a pocket camera that I'd theoretically always have in my pocket, but if they look like crap, who cares? I kind of dread the day when I'll have to buy another because I'm afraid I won't find one that'll measure up. Good luck -- there are a TON of choices out there.

Sharon G.

I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-N1 and I LOVE it. 8.1 mexapixels, it's got a ton of options (yet, not so many that you can't figure out the dang camera), a huge screen, and it's small enough to carry around.


I had a Canon G2 until this year; it was great with zooming and had lots of bells and whistles, but it was heavy and awkward. Now have the Canon Powershot SD600. Doesn't have as many bells and whistles, but does zoom well and is ultra-portable. Better price tag, too. I'm more likely to take photos while I'm out because it's easy to pull out of the pocket, take a few pics, then slip it back out of sight. 'Course, that doesn't help you so much for knitting pics, but it handles those fine. I do find blues/purples can be hard to photograph accurately, though I've had Judy tell me the reds in her yarn photographed really well.


When I was pregnant a year and a half ago we bought a digital SLR, Olympus brand. I couldn't tell you the product number, but I CAN tell you that if you want good pictures, it's worth the money for a good Single Lens Reflex camera. Especially when you take lots of kid pictures like I do.


i have a nikon S4 which is ok. it doesn't have a manual feature though and doesn't have image stabilization. but the S10, which is an upgraded model, does. they both have an 10X optical zoom and they've a lens that rotates.

santa is bringing me a digital SLR though, so i'm hoping my pictures will improve.


I want a new digital camera for Christmas too, my current one is a little
crappy one.
I've got my eye on this one:

Or this one:

Let me know what you decide to get.


I have a Canon Powershot A95, which I love. It's 2 years old, and outdated, but I still get some great shots, and I love the movies it takes. Not sure what my next one will be.


In leiu of a digital SLR which I can't afford, I have a PowerShot A95 and love it! Lots of pics on my blog and Flickr. I love that it can take little movies too....


I've got a Nikon D70 that I love. A Pentax digital SLR is in my future too so I can take advantage of all the lenses I have from my film days. I am in desperate need of a pocket camera, the SLR is a bit cumbersome to carry around.


If you're looking for small, point-n-shoot, the Canon lines are the best (IMO). I have a Canon Powershot S500 Elph from the old days (model already discontinued), and it's fabulous. Has *always been* fabulous. If I were to upgrade, I'd look at the SD700 IS and the like.

If you're looking for bigger, more powerful, more features... consider an SLR. Read the reviews, handle them at a store, you really can't go wrong with any of the big names - Canon, Nikon, Pentax...


I've got a Canon PowerShot S2 IS. They've got a S3 verison now, I think. It's not a digital SLR, but is does almost as well. I ADORE this camera, it has a lot of bells and whistles, super macro mode for getting up really close, you can custom set the white balance to manage funky colors. It is also very easy to figure out how to use, either as a point-and-shoot camera or as a manual camera, if you want to mess around with settings. Plus, I can fit about 500 images on my 512MB memory card

I want a SLR, but this is almost as good with about half the price tag - very much worth it.


I have two cameras. The one that sees the real blogging duty is my Canon Digital Elph, SD400. Small and light enough to carry in the purse for spur of the moment photos for blogging. I really bought it because it could macro down to about 3mm and make beautiful stitch by stitch definition. But that's me. I traded in a Sony Cybershot on the Elph and have never looked back.

I just recently, read last week, got a Canon Digital Rebel XT, the 8MP SLR. It is a seriously sweet camera that I have yet to really put through its paces.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with the Canons.


My wonderful Pentax K1000 that I had since high school was stolen seven years ago when someone broke into my car while I was at work (in broad daylight—it happened three times!). I was without camera for a long time. This year, I treated myself to the digital version of my old pal: a Pentax *istDL SLR. It is worth every penny. Unfortunately, my blog photos probably don't attest to that, because I obviously need new glasses since my version of "focused"... isn't. ;-) But in the hands of someone with 20/20 or who likes the auto-focus feature, the photos are stellar.

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