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Apparently I'm abnormal, because I love kitchenering. :D

(Nice scarf. Lovely dog, too.)

Caroline M

I'm impressed that you've gone from the stage of soul destroying loopy yarn to a decent sock so very quickly. I'm not sure that I would have got past the wool mangling stage.


I LOVE that scarf; which pattern is it?


Can I tell you how much George modelling made me laugh! Nice scarf too, btw.

Teresa C

The sock thing is pretty cool, and I love Kitchenering. So, by Tuesday you'll have how many new pairs of socks? Hmmm?

Valerie in San Diego

Heh! I love the scarf tales. Your socks are lookin' good, and hey, if it speeds up the creation of practical knitwear, it sounds like fun to me. I have a friend who has a Barbie Knitting Machine. She takes it to her local St&B and, while everyone else is knitting, she cranks. Cracks me up.

It worries me that one of your commenters says she LOVES KITCHENERING. What is this world coming to?


I love the scarf pic. Your dog looks so happy to be your model!


(Um, Valerie? I love Kitchenering too. I like the rhythm of it, and I learned how before anyone told me I was supposed to dislike it...) I'm very impressed with the sock machine! And the scarf is very snazzy :)


Congratulations on your progress with the CSM!


I have soooo been lusting after a sock machine for years and years. Thanx for the vicarious thrills!


really love the scarf. and the Scarf Model looks so lovely. My standard poodle is seven. He too, loves the yarn.
(in a gentle fashion)


Huzzah on a finished pair of cranked socks! Very very impressive progress. I would have guessed that was the main output of the week, but then Swallowtail and a scarf materialize.


Those socks are impressive, I might consider the dark side, but alas, no helpful helpers here to teach me, They look Goooood.


I can't believe you already conquered turning heels on that thing! Awesome. Loving the shawl and "puppy", too.

Beth S.

That picture of the not-yet-separated socks is wild! It looks like the picot edges are already tacked down...? That's very cool!


I'm totally impressed with the sock progress and completely jelous that you now have a Sock Cranker. Very inspiring for future purchases and possibly get through all of my sock yarn in a lifetime too.

Vicki Sanders

Love the scarf! Will you share the pattern?


Actually I don't mind kitchnering as others do. It looks like great fun. And the scarf is beautiful too.


George looks very handsome. And dignified.

And the sparkly green yarn....sign. You were spinning that the second time we met. I feel quite sentimental about it.


that is supposed to read "sigh" - sigh


Lovely scarf, it might actually be an acceptable pattern for the scarf my extremely fussy husband has requested. In cashmere. Therefore I will have to choose a colour that is flattering to me!


The scarf is beautiful and George looks so handsome modelling it!


No way! April Fools, right??


George is kinda cute! My son thinks so too.


I'm glad to see I'm not the only one pressing the household pets into service as knitwear models. Although so far I've managed to avoid plopping wooly gear on the guinea pigs.

The socks are just too cool. Kitchenering and all.

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