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Sounds like a great day! Looks like everyone had such a good time....


Eating chocolate is always patriotic. (Shut up, dear. It totally is.)


That shawl you are wearing is lovely.


Your Tina II is such a pretty wheel! And chocolate knows no nation.

Rachel H

I have no such urge to sing, but I think I covet a CSM now.


Aww, I totally wanted to be there today. I just got my wheel at Spa and was hoping some of the gals from my knitting group were going to make the trip. I should have pestered them more :) Oh well, I'll get there, and I'll bring chocolate.


That looks just like the town hall in the small town I grew up in. Town meetings are still held there, and in the winter someone needs to get there early to light a fire in the old potbelly stove.


I'm so glad you got the chance to go have a spinning day with friends. I still feel terrible that you missed SPA - and I certainly missed you being there. Good luck with the CSM acquisition!


Hooray for a little quality time with fiber and out of the house - glad you were able to go. I'll be very curious to see your CSM if you get it.


Yay for you getting some good fiber therapy time. Works wonders for the over burdened. And I still covet your Tina II. Onna these days....


Haha! Terry is so tiny that she makes that Majacraft look huge! And that's a small wheel! Cracks me up. I've got a few pics too, I'm going to get them up today.

Mary K. in Rockport

CSM = circular sock machine? I could definitely live with such a thing. Are they still made, or does one have to search for an antique?


Sounds like a lot of fun!


No, no, not This Land is Your Land....that is WAY out of period. And Yankee Doodle at that time is still a song making fun of the Americans (that song changed sides on Patriots' Day...the REAL Patriots' day, (which Maine and Massachusetts have celebrated for as long as I can remember, although I don't know when we started), on April 19, 1775).

A good song would be Chester!


You look fabulous in your shawl. What a wodnerful way to be patriotic! I hope Terry finds her hearts desire soon...she needs a wheel now!


Looks and sounds like you had a great time. :)


Love all the photos. I'm not around spinners much, so it's great to see them in action.


Will follow this new acquistive urge with interest.


Hello - relatively new reader, first-time commenter. I just wanted to tell you how excited I was to find all your archival argyle info. I've been lurking for a bit and I have to say your work is really beautiful. (Unless you object,) You are hereby linked.


What a fun day. I'm glad you were able to get out of the house for a bit. Hope the Mister's family situation gets better.

Beth S.

Any day that involves both chocolate and spinning is a Good Day. But I'm especially glad that you had a chance to get out on your own for a bit and enjoy the company of adults. :-) I hope this means that things are easing up a bit on the home front.

And boy, that's a lovely shawl you're wearing... I'm going to have to dig in your archives a bit and refresh my memory. (The colors are right, but it's too small to be Moth! ;-)

Beth S.

Aha! It's your Olympic shawl. :-)


I'm so glad you were able to get a day away that involved fiber and good people! Looks like it was fun!


who could resist the call of a tina II?



I'm clearing out my family's home and came across a bunch of stuff from my fatrer's aunt who lived in NYC from 1888 to 1966. I found a Daughters of Liberty pin. It also has a 22 on it which I assume was the chapter number. Please let me know if you or someone in your group would like it. This is a gift.

Thanks, Steve

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