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Pink eye. Gross.

Well done on the rehab of the sleeve. No reason to stick with what's written if it doesn't work for you.


I was just looking at the sleeve and thinking the same thing about the cuff. I think I decided that I would be trying the sleeve on as I go to do the decreases (but I will be knitting it in the round).

ew, pink eye. I used to get it over and over as a kid. At least most of the time they prescribe drops now and not that gel goop. That was the worst part!


Not only is the sweater way too big for the model, she is standing with the one visible arm akimbo so you won't notice how much fabric there is in the armpit, even with some of the sweater held behind her. It's a beautiful sweater, but why can't we see how a sweater will look on a real normal-size woman standing full face in a normal way before we fork over our hard-earned money for yarn and pattern? (The model actually looks a lot more real than those concentration-camp victims you were mentioning recently, but she's still thinner than most of us.)

Conjunctivitis: btdt. It's been a while, for which I am duly thankful: we have plenty of other ailments (ahCHOO!) to contend with.


It really is a beautiful sweater. I like the changes you made to suit your preferences. :0)


It's frustrating to start over but moving forward and liking it better should be worth it. Sorry about the conjunctivitis. Yuck.


Looking at the sleeve drama was painful. Nice mods. I'm taking notes.


I will be changing the cuff(and prob skirt) on my CD to suit too. It's really a big sweater for a shorter gal, I haven't decided yet. Yours looks great!


Pink eye sucks. I'm always so impressed with your good attitude about ripping and redoing stuff - I always get so emotional about ripping all that work, even when I know its for the best.


It does look better -- that was a good call. Winter is just so germy -- hope the boy's eyes are pink no more.


The sleeves are looking great. I'm fine with the way mine came out, but keep toying with the idea of adding a cable around the bottom edge because they're just a tad short . . . practically unheard of for me!


You had me holding my breath while looking at the pictures of you ripping out the sleeve. I am glad that it all worked out.

Ewwww conjunctivitis. I really hope that you don't catch it too. That is never fun. I hope that it clears up soon.

Caroline in NH

Sweater is gorgeous! I may need to knit an aran now...

BBR's website says it was in a previous issue of Interweave Knits. Would you happen to know which one? Or maybe it's in another book? Please help... I'll order the pattern separately if I need to, and I'm *certain* I have enough yarn for this around here somewhere. Thanks.


I think I just realized that I'm not so particular about some things - either that or maybe the sleeve cable placement is different on my size? But I think not ... I'll have to go take a look and see the asymmetry for myself.


You know, that's a good looking sweater.

And I am very sorry about the pink eye. Unhappy for all involved.


delurking to say -

The dreaded pinkeye! We had that last week, a viral version with a nasty cold for the poor kiddo. I have very little sick time left. But no signs of pinkeye yet for me. Remember, handwashing saves lives (and discomfort) (I'm quoting something random). My kid was all over the computer, but I don't think conjunctivitis is virtually contagious. Anyway, the computer still has clear eyes.

Celtic Dreams - How satisfying to do a good fix and get what you want. Looks lovely!


Thank you so much for showing how you made your decisions for altering a pattern. I found it educational and inspirational. It also provided me with some support as I ripped for the third time on my current lace project.


I think it's required that at least 93% of all children get conjunctivitis. What a bummer. I've managed to miss at least two rounds of it in my life. I thank my mother. She was very, very insistent about not sharing things and being sure to do a lot of handwashing. We lived in countries with lots of infectious things running around and none of the six children ever caught anything. I thought it was a bore but looking back I was thankful. I hope it isn't too annoying. Your sweater is gorgeous. You are so patient.


Beautiful knitting! Just gargeous!

Lauren E Dillon

Sometimes frogging is therapeutic. You hem and haw and wonder should I or shouldn't I and once you make that decision, it's sort of freeing. Know what I mean? And you said you were breathing so even better. You made the right choice. Good luck with the pink eye!

Beth S.

Better pink-eye than norovirus, which I hear is also making the rounds. Ugh!

And I cannot WAIT to see you model the finished sweater. You've put so much thought into it, I'm sure it's going to be bee-you-tee-ful!

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