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Beautiful yarn! And I am so jealous about the sock knitter. I'd love one, but my kids don't want to eat ramen every night.


Glad you were able to collect your new toy finally. Be prepared to demo at spin night one of these months!


Please, please when you get the Harmony sock knitting machine up and running with a sock in progress post a picture on the blog. I am really interested in seeing what it looks like in it's working state.


I am so happy to hear the the wheel is restored to you and with it your joy in spinning.


You got the sock machine! Cool! I'll be expecting a scarf for Christmas then.


That business with the wheel makes sense. You are too good a spinner to be THAT flummoxed by a production wheel.

Congratulations on being #1 with the sock machines. This will be inneresting.


I'm thinking that Art Yarns Cashmere equaled about three months worth of xanax.

It was good to see you. Can't wait to see the sock machine in action.


Ha ha ha ha... I've had a CSM for years (moved it from NJ to MA in 2003, from MA to MN in 2005...). It apparently works perfectly - there's a dang sock hanging off of it - but I haven't had the nerve to actually set it up and crank it myself.


Very nice yarn. I am glad that you were able to solve the wheel issues fairly easily.

I hope that your new/old sock knitter will be easier to set up than you anticipate. I think I might have hooks that go to one. When my grandma was moving she had a container with little mettal looks that look similar to the top of a latch hook. I didn't know what they were for, but thought they were for some weaving/hooking or something of the sort. Now that I have seen the sock knitters I think that they might go to one of them. Wish I knew of one local that I could look at to make sure.


That is lovely, lovely fiber. I'm glad your wheel is letting you enjoy it.


Lots of nice things happening in your house! I'm so glad you were able to get your Russo happy again!


Glad you got your spinning mojo back. Perhaps you could give me some pointers. I too want to see the sock machine make socks.


As my old teacher used to tell me... It's always the wheel. It's never the spinner.

Beth S.

I wonder if you are going to turn into a sock-machine fiend and forever lay aside the DPNs?... Nah, there are too many good lace patterns out there.

I've got some lightly variegated alpaca laceweight set aside for Shoalwater. I've been telling myself 'no more lace until I knit some practical things', but if you two are going to play, I will have a very hard time not joining in!


Hi Julia...I wanted to let you know I saw your car in Lace Style and just laughed out loud with delight. Where will you pop up next?


That box full of sock knitting machine parts made me laugh. It's the kind of thing that makes my fixer-upper-genius husband drool. Maybe I'll look for a similar kind of one on eBay and give it to him for *his* birthday.


Sock knitting machine! I have serious envy building here. I hope it's seriously fun to use.


I just found your blog through Wendy... and I was stunned when I read about the Woolpack. I have been there, when I'm home visiting my folks. It is adorable. :)

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