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Quite alot of projects (and I'm not one to speak)! But it's nice to have a choice when you sit down to knit :)


You are a brave woman to admit how many projects you have going on. ;-)


It's nice to know I'm not the only one with scads of UFOs lurking in every corner of my house... maybe Cara could help you out with the miters?

Rachel H

That's it? I think I'm a little bit disappointed. *evil grin*


Wow! That's way more UFOs than I have ;) Thanks for making my knitting mess look good ;) :D


Is there such a thing as too much honesty?


We will love and support you always. And sometimes that means saying we love you too much to let you do that.

Also, you are a very funny woman. Basement level moments of weakness...heh.


Ah the honesty of it all. I think you might start a trend..I'll post mine tomorrow after I can get shots of the projects.



Looks like a perfectly normal number of projects to me -- some large, some small, some simple, some complex. Something for every mood and timeframe.


On the bright side, many of these projects are barely even begun. Rip 'em out and they will no longer be UFO's, just yarn. :-)


Confession is good for the soul. Or that's what I've heard anyway.

Lee Ann

Man, now I feel guilty. Also, weak. Jessie's comment made my eyes go all wonky.

Mary K. in Rockport

Yea, well, I'm not even going to count my UFOs because that would make me feel bad, and I don't have a blog so I don't have to, so there.


What?! People didn't like the summer tweed sweater? You're kidding, I loved it! I still think it will be wonderful and the issue is just a bad picture of a model with poor posture. And you, my dear, have excellent posture.

Any chance you'll knit it anyway, hate it, and then give it to me?

Beth S.

Ah well. I still think you could have made that sweater work for you, not against you, if you made your own personalized schematic. Which you could probably do with one hand tied behind your back.

I wanna see the Flower Basket. Tease. ;-)


If it makes you feel better, seeing all the WIPs made *me* feel better. I still have to cast on the collar to finish my Very First Sweater (and I'm bypassing buttonbands, mwah-ha-ha-ha!), I am about 1/2 way done with the two-toned ribbed shrug, I want to start more socks, I have two tiny scarves languishing on needles in bags, and I cast on for a simple wrap-y thing last night.



Hey There,

You're better then me. I refuse to post up, everything I have on the needles. I think I'll sooner frog then admit it. Lol.



Oh, that's really not so bad. It cracks me up that you have projects in every corner of the house though. Especially the scarf by the bathtub, too funny!


That's it???
; )


Confession is good for the soul. That's what I hear.

That's a LOT on the needles. Knitting ADD. I'm going to start more projects.


We all have projects that "don't count." Still, you're cute to reveal. Finish the pirate argyles - they're awesome!


psst - put sleeves on the vest & you'll have a very functional cardigan


Happy happy birthday, Julia! I hope you're having some fibery fun today. :D


What!? No birthday post! Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!


rumor has it that you're celebrating a birthday. i hope it's a happy one!

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