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I love the Umbilical Brothers (or the stars of the Upside Down Show). I got their Live DVD from Australia, only plays on my computer and is for adult eyes only ;)


Ivor the Engine ! Now that's a blast from my past ! Used to watch it after school, whilst eating hot buttered toast.
I'm not surprised that the boy loves it. Gentle, soft tales. No violence. Bless the BBC.

Mary K. in Rockport

What a thrill it must be to ride a whale! Also, that guy must be OUT OF HIS MIND!

We had a sad event here in Rockport last week where a young humpback was apparently struck and killed by a hit-and-run boat. It had been swimming around happily during the weekend just off Cape Hedge Beach, but washed up dead there early in the week.


Thank you, thank you for introducing me to the Umbilical Brothers! This is the kind of stuff my son used to show me, but he's married and out of the house, so my life has been bereft of humor ever since. No, wait, there is humor in the fact that he's married and living away from home -- now he has to pay the electric bill and file his own taxes!


How fun! Thanks for sharing these. My favorite YouTube is an oldie, but a goodie--


Thanks for the links, Cate started with the whale video and ended up with cool stuff from NASA (by way of a funny farting in public video).

Tameson O'Brien

Thank you for the Ivor the Engine link. Quinn loved the episodes (we watched up 'til 4) Ironic about the dragon in episode 2 and youe elder son's favorite band eh?


It's good to know that both speed-metal and boys with long, flingable hair are still popular with the young folk. ;)


Who wouldn't want an orca? :)

Caroline M

I remember Ivor the engine and Idriss the fire dragon from when I was a little Caroline. I also used to watch Chorlton and the Wheelies but there are no engines in that so it might not appeal.


Man, reading the post and the comments is making me all nostalgic--Ivor, and Chorlton. Maybe I should see if YouTube has any of the Clangers... Oh joy! They do!
AND Bagpuss AND Camberwick Green AND the Wombles! Hot diggity.!

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