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Caroline M

I wish, I really do wish.


See you tomorrow :-) Have a safe trip...

The Feminist Mafia

If you'll be there on Sunday too, I'll see you then.
Happy Mother's Day!


*sigh* Too much people, too little time, no closure, but wonderful.


It was great seeing you today! Enjoy the yarn, as I love the one I got! :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Beth S.

I'm so sorry I missed you. :-( I looked around for you as we were headed back towards the blue gate, but I think we went on parallel paths or something...


Will you be heading west to MA sheep and wool?

Tracy WW

I was there on Sunday! A great time was had by all....


So great to see you yesterday, albeit too short! :-) But, I had that mom look/mom aura going -- the "where are you," "don't touch" "be careful," -- you know what I mean.


Just a totally unrelated comment to let you know that I stumbled across a post in your blog from late 2004, about what it means when the hubby actually pays attention to and comments upon your knitting - try as he might, my DH could not keep a straight face - I think you've introduced a new marital code to our household!
ps: it was ""

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