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You had me on the edge of my seat! Great story -- and I'm so thankful for the happy ending!


Your husband wins the prize for doing his homework before you came home. (Short of actually getting it fixed before you came home, that's the most masterful solution I can imagine.) And how gallant to spare your son the shame of telling you...


Alls well that ends well, eh? Your heart must have been in your throat. Oh, and Dale and I watch the news in very similar fashion.


Oh, he was almost in the deep end of it, wasn't he? Smart man, yours... So glad it could be fixed! (and that the kiddo's okay)


Well that's a happy ending I can live with!


A good man, your husband.
We have a very boistrous 4 yr old visiting tomorrow. Wonder where I should secrete my wheel.


Ooh, excellent story-telling there, I was getting chills! Tricky man, your husband, and not too shabby at the story-telling himself..... Phew!


Ah, a well-trained fiber spouse! Researches the homework on the fix before he breaks the bad fiber content news....he's a keeper!


Glad that it was fixable and especially that your son wasn't hurt.


That dude can charm his way out of anything. Nicely done.


wait a you live near the northeast fiber arts center?


Oh. My. God. First, your hubby is Second, SO glad your son is OK! and HOORAY FOR PAT RUSSO!


Convoluted luck. It makes the best stories. And I'm glad there was a happy ending!

Karen in Moorhead

So glad your husband took charge of the situation and made the call(s) necessary to get the repair under way. Seems the men in my life (related or not) wouldn't have given it another thought. Gold stars for your husband. Definitely a keeper, and so glad your son wasn't seriously injured. I'm guessing he has a deep respect for the wheel now, and it won't be damaged again. I can't imagine the fretting that went on between the time it was damaged and the time the news was broken to mom. ; )


I was wondering when you were going to "tell all" about the broken tool. Very crafty husband and a housecall to boot! Wow!

Mary K. IN Rockport

Our younger rode more than one chair to the floor with no more ill effects than getting her fingertips smushed between the chair back and the floor. The various chairs suffered more than she did. But I really lost it when she bit a hole in the couch upholstery trying to maintain a headstand..... Shortly after that episode, we enrolled her in intensive gymnastics, and our household was saved.


Salvaging a win/win/wine was pretty good. I could hear his delivery in my ear.

Human learning is an often dangerous thing.


Yikes! I've seen many a run in with kids and wheels here at my house but it took my dog to do the actual breaking. One kid took out a tv, though - and almost himself at the same time. So glad your story ends on the good news with such a clever husband watching out for you.


I like to imagine the conversation that might have taken place if he HADN'T hunted down the wheel...erm, right so promptly.

The boy shows no ill effect I hope?


That's why wine is such a beautiful thing. Imagine that conversation with Diet Cokes; not so good.


It's always good to get the good news first. Glad The Boy wasn't hurt, and yay for PR! That's customer service at its finest!

Beth S.

This means everything's fixed now, right? What a lucky break (er...) that the wheelwright himself happened to be nearby! (And willing to visit the patient in person!)

I'm so glad this tale of woe had a happy ending, and that a certain young acrobat learned a valuable lesson, too. ;-)


since everyone, and everything, came out all right, I will confess i laughed out loud. at my desk at work. thanks for the chuckle!


Does Boy know how lucky he is to be alive?

The only news we habitually watch is the Daily Show, for which heckling is sort of redundant.


Don't know which I enjoyed more, the story or the telling of it.

xoxo Kay

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