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I think whole contrasting feet would be cool. You are a posting machine these days my dear...its nice to read you regularly!


contrasting feet! fun :)


Or make mittens....


Yeah, contrasting feet. How to decide what color? Black seems severe. Matching seems unlikely.


I should hope so. The colors are too pretty to waste, especially after all that work. If it were me I would knit the feet in stripes of solid colors that kindasorta match the colorway.

I like longish socks too, which is why I've never bought any STR.


Lovely colors. Thanks for the post, it will help me in the future when I have limited yarn.


Those socks need a big slap into compliance. Knit on!!


Press on. Don't let the sock win!


I know the feeling only too well. I'm doing Jaywalkers in STR and something about the yarn and size 1 needles. They just seem kind of bulky and not stretchy enough. I've progressed to about the same point as you, and determined I will be frogging tonight. Thenaks for the inspiration. I think the former J's will now become a pair of pedicure socks. Hey, cone to think of it, how about "Pedicure" Jaywalkers!


I think you're right that the old put-up of STR has about 325 yds. Those Jaywalkers are not acting right, but it sounds like you will whip them into shape. The contrast "feet" comment cracks me up.

Karen in Moorhead

It is a beautiful colorway - too bad about being short yarn. I think contrasting feet will be fun. Something wild maybe?? I have big (size 10) feet, and ran into this problem with Regia. I had made the legs a bit long and had I known I would be short yarn, I would've shortened the legs up a bit. As it was, I purchased a 3rd skein of yarn (after a lengthy hunt for the colorway) and now have a major portion of it left. What kind of scale do you use to weigh your yarn? You will persevere with this go-round. You are determined. The socks are weak now from sitting in the dark so long. ; ) Karen


You're being more tenatious than I was with my Jaywalkers. I ended up getting frustrated and throwing them in the trash.


I say show those suckers! Rip 'em. Rip 'em out of existence and use that yarn for something else. That'll teach them to be so difficult. Yah.

Beth S.

I know just what you mean... I have had the worst luck with this pattern, between running out of yarn, not being able to get the sock over my heel, etc. And yet some people knit pair after perfect-fitting pair, effortlessly.

I think some people are Jaywalker People and some aren't, and those of us who aren't can bash our heads against the wall as much as we like, but it still won't make us Jaywalker People.


Repeat after me (using various voices: stern, friendly (or not), querulous, stern (again), confrontational, just plain nasty and so forth).

"Who is in CHARGE here?"

Needle or finger waggling optional.


What about "Chapman Springs"? That colourway looks similar.


Contrasting feet are a-okay in my book! Can't wait until they're done!


Loving the pirate argyles! For meeeeeeeeee! Please share with me where you bought the pattern? Great knitting you've done!

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