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Dang, sounds like terrific fun, but I'll be on my way back from Rangeley.


We are leaving for vacation that day -- thinking about a creative plan . . .

FemiKnit Mafia

Date blocked off in my calendar. Wifey already agreed. The car and wheel will be lubed up and ready. Social skills engaged. See you in a couple weeks. What a great idea! Thanks!


Sounds so great. I would so be there if I lived closer. :-( Wahhhhhhh!!!!!


I'm working on coming! The date is marked off on the calendar! This should be great!


Sounds wonderful! :) I wish I were close enough to go.


The weaving class sounds great! Do we contact you to sign up or the weave instructor?


Interesting. I'm descended from both Pierces and Spencers on my father's side. But they're from Dover and Weston.


I can hardly believe it, but it looks like i might make it!
Wonderful! I was just about to put the spinning wheel in storage, but maybe storage can wait...


How fun. Too bad I am not in the area or I would definitely make it.

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