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I am so loving the colors that you chose. I have been thinking about getting the pattern after you posted it. It is way cute.

Kathode Ray Tube

Gosh, what size needles are you using? It all looks tiny. (but beautiful!)


Wow! That's amazingly beautiful! I can see why it's addictive!

julia fc

I'm using a size 8, KRT. The bag currently measures 16 inches across. It's not tiny, it just photographs that way I guess.


This looks so cool.


When I grow up, I wanna knit like you.

Caroline M

I'd agree that they are addictive, so small, just enough time to knit One More Shell. Mine is just starting the third row of shells and it's looking huge, as prefelted stuff always does. I love it to bits and my family is having to admire it repeatedly. The new HP book is unread because it's not calling to me as much as the next shell.

Thank you for showing the pattern - I would never have seen it otherwise.


Did you have to cut the skein up into the various colors? I really like how it's turning out. Good to know that Cascade 220 felts better, now that I've already bought the Lamb's Pride for the Blue version of Bar Harbor ;-) I'm sure it'll be fine....


This is spectacularly gorgeous. How many skeins of Kureyon will it take?

julia fc

Oh sure it will, Manise. It's all a matter of personal preference. Lamb's Pride just is fuzzier because of the mohair after felting.
I didn't cut it up at all: just knit it as it came off the skein. Evryonce in awhile I get two yellows together, so then I jump to another skein.

How many? As I said in the post a few days ago, it will take 6.


GORGEOUS! I love it!


Nice! Fast, too. Tnx for the Cascade tip.

Jen Da Purse Ho

OOOOh you are really far along! i'm on row 4 now. :) i sort of like the colors I chose, but then i sort of dont'. but everyone that has seen the bag is loving the i guess i did ok. :) I can't wait to see yours finished@@@

Karen in Mhd

OK, I had to go buy the pattern too. I love the Noro Kureyon anyway, and this bag is gorgeous. This is why I love blogs and why they are so dangerous. . . Thanks for sharing! ; )


How Beautiful is that? Wow! And it knits up fast? The best of everything!


I can't wait to start mine. I'm on a major yarn diet, so I think I am going to do the Bar Harbor with 3 coordinating colors on KP Wool of the Andes (and he black, of course). A bit of an experiment, but we'll see! Yours looks so fabulous!


I have to tell you. When I saw the picture of that pattern on your blog, I went right over and purchased it. I don't ever use patterns, but this one is so cool! I am waitting on an order of lamb's pride, and then I will be starting it too! It looks absolutely gorgeous!!


It's beautiful - and more power to you because I think I would have gone crazy with all the little bits by now.


I'm not smart enough to have any Cascade in my stash so have to wait for the Lambs Pride - which is on backorder - to start my Bar Harbour. Drat. But what really pissed me off is they sent me the Noro 188, even tho I told them to hold and ship the whole thing together, and it 's sitting here on the table panting at me!


I bought the pattern when you linked to it before. Now I want to start it. Right now. Never mind the other things OTN. Now.

kim sheehan

I have five skeins of noro k. ready to get moving on this beauty!


That is a really freaking cool pattern! Looks like great fun.


Fabulous! So far I've resisted buying the pattern. Not sure how much longer I'll last without giving in to temptation...


That's beautiful. It looks fiddly. Is it?


Good lord, woman, that is so beautiful. Makes me want to buy the pattern. That is so pretty and I could see how the shells would be so addictive!

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