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Well, it IS lovely wallpaper. William Morris?


too cool! looks like you have a lovely home, a great backdrop for beautiful knitting. Look forward to seeing the ad.


oh, how very cool. Now I have to grab Lace Style at the book store tonight and check it out!
(btw -- sent in my Spa App. today -- crossing fingers and toes!)


Wow. Your house is obviously very photogenic. Congrats!


How cool is that? I want a super cool house that lends itself well to photoshoots!


That's so awesome.


How exciting!


Ok, that's just really cool.


Very beautiful. How exciting to be able to be involved with something like that.


Well, you do have a great house....


Neat. Is Leslie the Mac & Me designer?


Too cool! I just love your house from what I've seen of it!


I think that having half of Lace Style photographed in your house is COOLER than having a pattern in Lace Style!!! How many people knit this particular pattern or that one? But how many people see the pictures?!?


i couldn't reply to your e-mail, but thanks for the note. perhaps one day we will cross paths at some new england-y knit-y type of thing!


btw-very cool info about knitting pictures and your house! i'm going to have to pay more attention next time i thumb through lace style!


Geesh, you're just telling us now? You're so modest not to scream it out at the release of LS - wonderful you're featured in the stylings. Is there an upside to doing this? Love what you say in the last paragraph, and I bet you savor when you do get to hang out w. your friend :)

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Your "stair hall"? You're clearly way out of my league. I barely have a stair step, and when two large dogs decide they want to come with me up the stairs, we have to take turns on the "landing". I don't think anyone's going to be asking to use my house as a backdrop for anything, except maybe for "My AKC". Now I'm going to go pull out my copy of Lace Style and drool.

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