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kim sheehan

Your bag takes my breath away!

Tameson O'Brien

like you even had to ask aout the sustainable vote's in!


The bag is beaut-eous!


Oooh--I love your stained glass bag. I bought this pattern and the yarn, and now I've even more motivated to start it! I've been lurking and enjoying your blog by the way...


I went and cast my vot for you.

That bag is gorgeous!!! What a great idea making a yarn after your child's art. The socks are way cute. I love the way that they striped.


That bag is stunning. Vote I will.


Oh my gosh. I just finished Sock #1 out of the same yarn. It was a surprise to see your photo with both socks done! I did ribbing on the leg and top of the foot, so they aren't quite the same. And I bought the bag pattern after seeing your post a couple of weeks ago and just realized I have yarn to do it as well. Hope this doesn't derail that second sock...


Works for me. And I buy Stonyfield Yogurt, too.


MMm, Stoneyfield plain is my current favorite yogurt.


Those socks are beautiful - I love the colours!


The bag is FABULOUS! I'm a little ticked off quite frankly because the active sport of Watching People Knit only adds fuel to the Knit Me Fire....... know what I mean? I need no more fuel. Really. Maybe one more? Just that bag?????? ACK!


Fabulous knits! Voting all done:)


Suddenly, I have the desire to knit a stained glass bag, when mere moments ago I was perfectly happy with my sock. ;)


Dang, I adore that bag. So pretty. Good luck with the sleeve, I'm sure you'll come up with something.


Oh, I love that bag! So pretty!
And the painting and yarn...beautiful still life!


Love the variation of colors in your bag! Beautiful Trekking socks! Did you dye your handspun?


What a lovely bag! And I have at least one carton of Stonyfield yogurt every day - I'll be voting!!


Wow, that stained glass bag blew me away. And then your handspun and the inspiration... AMAZING. You're so talented!


I *love* that stained glass bag!

Lee Ann

You might have mentioned it earlier, but are you doing that bag in bits of handspun? Because it looks like an ideal project for people who start a bit of spinning and then stop, and then start again...

Not that I know anyone like that. Nuh-uh.


Your stained glass bag looks great. I'm currently on the 5th round using Noro Kureyon, making slow progress as I've lots of other projects on the go! Love the colours you have chosen for your bag.

Octopus Knits

I clicked and voted... oh, that bag is gorgeous!


I'm a Stonyfield fan myself. Thanks for the link to that bag, because I really needed another item to add to my queue. Oy! It is so beautiful though.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I'm not the sort to knit a bag, but that one is awesome! Beautiful colors and design.


beautiful knitting as always! I clicked and voted too, nice of you to clue us in to a good cause. Love Stoneyfield's, buy it by the tub-full!

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