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sara l

Nice pictures!
Am i mistaken -- or is THAT the sunroom?

sara l

How did i forget to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Happy Birthday to the (no so) little man.


My daughter turned six yesterday. The big party is this Saturday. This morning we experienced the big post birthday mood crash. We need to survive the week until the party!!! Happy birthday to your little guy!!


Those are the best kind of birthday parties. Happy Birthday to your little man.

Teresa C

Happy Birthday to the Boy!


I desperately want a spoonful of blue frosting right now. Happy birthday, big 6 year old!


Happy birthday, dude. May your year be full of prehistoric creatures and whatever else floats the boat of a six year old these days. (And a big bravo to you for hosting a thoroughly age appropriate and low key birthday party. I bet everyone had more fun here than at some insanely overblown, overstimulating, overcommercialized, over-the-top bash.)


Aw, what a sweetie - look at those eyelashes. And is that a dinosaur cake?!?

Happy birthday, hope it's a good year for him!

Beth S.

He's a looker, isn't he? With those red lips and dark eyelashes... :-)

So you're seaming Arwen? This means Impending FO Alert, doesn't it? I'll be watching this space...


Fun birthday party! I think I want an old fashioned birthday party like that!


Looks like a great birthday! Of course it was dino-themed!


"... now I am Six, I'm as clever as clever.
So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever."

Happy birthday to your clever boy!


Happy Birthday Young Man..Now we are favorite book of poetry by A.A. Milne.

Seaming Arwen? I cannot wait to see the finished version. I hope you get enough time to finish soon!


That's a birthday party tutorial every parent should follow.
I tried to explain it to friends/family I was inviting over for my daughters' 5 yrs old BDParty.
Skeptical they were (sp?), but convinced nonetheless they had to admit afterwards.
Don't plan too much. Just Let. Them. Play. (and turn everything upside down for a few hours in doing so.) (and throw the balloons in garbage after a few months... LOL)
BTW , congrats for co-figuring out the lace pattern !
And a happy year ahead to your big boy !


Happy Birthday. We just celebrated James' 3rd. The balloons are hours of entertainment.


Looks like he had a wonderful birthday! People sometimes forget that kids just like to play... they don't need their entire lives mapped out with planned entertainment. They find it wherever they are.

That said, my most memorable birthday parties were the one where we went to the local pizza parlor (age 8, my cake was yellow), and the one where we went to the beach (age 9, got a Cabbage Patch Doll with yellow hair).


Happy birthday, dear Boy! (Can't wait to see Arwen.)


Happy birthday, young man! And very very clever strategy on the seaming.


Sounds like a good time to me!


Happy belated birthday to The Boy! May six years of age be a wondrous and delightful age to be. (I'm having a Winnie the Pooh flashback....)

Arwen? Did you say Arwen? Oh yeah.


Dinosaur cake? I love dinosaur cake.


Congratulations to all of you - six is great, and the party sounds perfect!

Looking forward to Arwen pics.


Ooo, Arwen! And ooo, 6. Isn't this a fun age? Well, except for the smartypants factor. But even that is hilarious.


happy birthday!!! I love your birthday plan! I need to try that at my guy's party in May!!

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