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What a wonderful, priceless gift from your mom. I know you and your fondness for things just like that, therefore I know just how much that cookbook must mean to you. Oh, and thanks for the salad dressing recipe, too. But what about the rolls? Hmmmm?


What a wonderful gift from your mom. These are the things that will be treasured. I have a family photo album like that -- carefully selected photos from 5 generations of family, lovingly assembled by my grandmother. I can only imagine the time that went into that.


That sounds really good, I'll try it! Thanks for sharing :)

Divine Bird Jenny

My mom gave me a copy of her Tried-and-True recipe binder this year for Christmas!! It's magical; she put in everything we loved eating when we were kids, and all the recipes have her handwritten notes on them, too! I keep flipping through it to see what to make next. :) Best recipe: her favorite beef stew.


What a wonderful gift. For my wedding my mom had family members fill out recipies and she put a book together. It is priceless.


How perfect! That's what Christmas is and family..which of course, always includes good food. :)


What a great gift! I too have bits of paper, labels and copies off the internet in a binder. Some grouped together with a paperclip- like the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. I also have my mom's recipes that she wrote or pasted into an accountants ledger. Your salad dressing sounds great and healthy too. Thanks for sharing it.


My mother died a few years ago and my sister kept her recipe book - this year for Christmas she gave us all a copy! She copied and bound the entire book (and made a CD) that mom had written her favorite recipes and pasted ones cut out of the newspaper etc. My sister gave one to her siblings and to all Mom's grandchildren - it is a wonderful gift and really fun to read! It's amazing how many of the same recipes are in my own recipe box!

Jen in CT

How very sweet! That dressing sounds great--I'm going to try it. Thanks!


What a marvelous gift! Thanks for the dressing recipe. It looks great.


I can attest that it takes hours. One year back in the early days of home computers and printers I typed up my moms card file into a booklet. It was printed on a dot matrix printer. I have transfered the file from the 5 1/4 floppies to the 3 1/2 floppy to now just backed up on multiple computers.
Two years ago she wished for an updated one with some of her more current recipes. I still haven't finished as she keeps changing what she wants in it. (She does however have a printout of my latest effort, just not an index or the last 20 recipes she gave me.)


a true gift from the heart.


That's really priceless to receive such a gift of recipes. I would love to have my grandmother's recipes, esp. her cakes and biscuits.


Oh wonderful- I can relate to your well loved recipe collection, and the value of recipes being handed down through the family. I'll have to add your dressing to my similarly ramshackle recipe notes box (actually, I really need to add some dividers to my box too).
Wishing you all the best for the year ahead too!


That's a great gift! M-D's post reminded me that my parents when they were younger (and still married to each other) created their own cookbook in a blank book by pasting in recipes from packages and writing in other favorites. It has this look of a great scrap book. I haven't seen it in a few years and don't know who it went with when they split. I'll have to ask since I know it has a killer chili recipe in it. That book has always made me want to make one myself. Maybe this year? Not likely but you never know!

Thanks for the recipe!

Hope all is well with you and your and that you came through the holiday season with flying colors!


Found you! Cece from the spinning today!


What an amazing heart felt gift from your mom! Just hearing about it helps to keep the after glow of the holidays alive! I grew up in a baking household too, and all the recipes were based on a pinch of this and a dash of that. Is there such a thing as scratch baking by taste? My mom began to document these family treasures and one day I sat down and copied as many as I could. Just knowing I have them is so comforting even though I rarely make anything from them! Its just so good to know they are there.


I don't use an accordian folder but paste or copy recipies into a blank book, that is now so old the cover has fallen of. I tend to know the recipies by location (my grandmother's latke recipie is towards the begining, etc). I keep meaning to edit and redo it into a new book, but I too fear that I will never find anything if I do.
P.S. Loved yesterday's comment on math ineptness. Sometimes I think it takes me longer to figure the number of stiches I'll need to cast on that it does to knit the darn sweater!


That gift is pricesless! What a wonderful gift!


How thoughtful of your mother. Much better than some pretentious TV chefs ramblings anyday!


It looks like a lovely dressing. *Sigh* someday I may be able to consume it again.


Wonderful present, this piece of history. And the dressing looks delicious. Where in Vermont is it from?


I have a card file but my favorite "storage" is a three ring binder with the refills for peel and stick photo pages. Then you can cut out the recipe and put them on the page with a nice clear plastic cover. While not sorted sorted by category, they are sort of sorted into several binders - the recipes I use all the time; the Holiday recipes, etc. I


I can't wait to talk my resident chef into making this recipe. Grocery store salad dressings are tiresome.



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