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screw what i said. measure your head. or measure a hood. or never wear it as a hood and stop there.
PS. send me your gauge please!


aaahhh! you've fallen into a black hole!


ha! and if it's anything like my knitting, the next time you measure it will be 13.5! how does that happen?

Rachel H

Gotta love it when the pattern's designer pops in to say 'Geez, dude, don't listen to Me.'


Don't you hate it when you knit and knit and knit and it doesn't even grow? Good luck finishing!


People always go on about how sleeves are purgatory for sweater knitting. Those people have never knit a hood. Hood knitting takes for-freakin'-ever!

Linda D

Mistress Linda says: "Less typing! More knitting!" *swish-CRACK!*


I had a plan to finish Arwen in time for SPA. HAhahahahahaha! Yeah right. I'm still at the first sleeve .


You have days to go before February!! You can do it!


I hate it when that happens. I can spend a whole night knitting and get up the next morning, all excited to spread out my work and congratulate myself on being "almost finished", only to find out I still have half the back of That Damn Sweater to go.


That is what I'm starting to worry about with this whole Mission Possible. I've got FIVE sweaters on my list. Adult sized. FOR ME. Who is not a small adult. The good news is that one is almost done, the second all I needed to do is send off for finishing, and the 3rd is already up to the neck shaping. But then there are 2 more. Still happily sitting in my stash. Not even wound into balls.

Death march anyone? Dum dum dum dumdadum da da dum.

Hey. It's only January, right?


Oh - but I did finish my Bird in Hand. Things that I was jsut thinking about knitting when I saw you. Freaking LOVE those mittens. Pictures on my blog today.


I want to see that sweater at SPA, young lady. So don't go putting it in a bag at the back of a closet somewhere when you are so close to the end.


The next bit is when you knit and knit some more and suddenly it is 15 inches. Hi!

I pulled out the unfinished sweaters in the cubbies of doom and assessed them for their viability. It might be your fault.


So close, yet so far away...

Mary K. IN Rockport

Someone in this vicinity "finishes" sweaters? Please send that address asap. My next deadline is Valentine's Day - for the family gifts that weren't done on Christmas..... Only six to go. Of course, some of them are pairs, so only nine to go. Why can't the Brownies come in the night like they did in my childhood folk tales books and finish the second half of mittens/gloves/socks? I wouldn't mind at all.


So your close, right? And the problem is? Pour yourself another cuppa and knit already. :) (There now, don't you feel encouraged?!)


P.S. Did you check out Woolybun's "new" wheel? Now that I've sold it, I am tap, tap, tapping my foot, patiently of course, for my Watson to arrive. Are you ready for yours?

Beth S.

Ah, the infamous black hole! And you're actually knitting with black (or very dark grey?) yarn, which only adds insult to injury...


Two and a smidge measly inches. Close, very close....

Also: Hoods ARE black holes. Bigger than you think they're going to be. Perception is weird sometimes. Or maybe I just did too many drugs in college. Dunno, but keep knitting!


Time space continuums, or something like that. Same source as the knitting deadlines concept.


My resolution this year was to avoid signing up for knitting deadlines. And oddly enough, I'm finishing more projects than ever.

Of course that could be more related to my other resolution to avoid housework.


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