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Thanks for the clip - I'll be passing this one on.
Have you seen "Iraq for Sale"? Talk about pissing you off about the war...oh, and "Why We Go to War" is a good one about the Military Industrial Complex.


Whoo-boy! That is a good one! That is a great video - thanks!


Wow. Is that just the cost of the war itself, or does it include "collateral damage" such as PTSD, TBI and rehabilitation costs on soldiers, the lost income from spouses/partners/family members killed in Iraq, or the money spent on counseling for children who have lost a parent? Just curious. Great video--I'll spread it around.

alpaca kath

Yeah, baby!! That's what I'm talkin' about. Makes me freakin' CRAZY. Let's see, $720 million times HOW MANY days? "I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY LONGER!"


Thank you. I'm passing it on, including those that it'll piss off for the reason that they wouldn't agree with it.


Oh, Julia, I'm already so mad about our "free" war and how it would be damaging to the economy to provide adequate health care... I can't watch. But I will go caucus next week (and be the only one in my department to do so, I'll bet).


...and the $9 trillion dollar debt just keeps growing.

Mary K. IN Rockport

Thank YOU.


I passed pissed off years ago, I am almost beyond incensed.


I'm at work, so no videos for me until I get home. (Don't have headphones.) But, trust me, I'm already mad. You know what makes me even madder? We reelected (reelected!) this president instead of replacing him with someone, anyone, who would, you know, actually use an organ located between the ears, actually listen to naysayers and doommongers and try to plan for contingencies, actually gather and analyze the facts.

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