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6 inches seems to be a sticking point for you. Morning Glory is a b*tch, but you can do it - I'm right in there with you on that one. My goal is by April so I don't pass the 1 year on the needles mark.


Keep on plugging -- all seem really do-able.


Wow! This is a lot of WIPs. I don't have that kind of patience -- mine would have gotten finished or ripped by now. Then again, when you turn your mind to them, you'll have a lot of FO's that we will envy!


Ooo, that's a FABULOUS idea! I want to see PS136 in all it's glory!


I'm think that once you start finishing things, you'll get on a roll, and just knock them all down, one after another.

Me? Que sera, sera. That's me. I've got me a houseful of UFOs. However, *I* have cast on for Bird in Hand #2. :P

Lynn in Tucson

I, too, am a member of the "6 inches to go" club. And I find, time and time again, that that last little bit was not nearly as heinous as I feared, nor did it take as long as previously thought.

Not that that makes any difference.

I think there are some perfection issues there as well, but we don't need to go there this morning....



Good luck! It is nice list, no. 11 is definitely worth it.


Good luck! Will watch with interest and encouragement. (I flunked last year's finish it by December 31st....)


I did this to myself last year - I finished a lot of WIPS and it felt AWESOME when I was done. One was a sweater that I was just intimidated to do anymore than the sleeves on because the construction was different than anything else I'd done. I finished it, felt like a rock star and people follow me around in yarn stores commenting on how cool it is.

Finish that stuff up! You'll feel awesome! I'll be your cheering squad, I promise.


I have faith in you. :) I just have two sweaters that have been lingering that I would love to finish up, but I keep getting distrac . . . oooo, shiny!

Mary K. IN Rockport

Do gloves/socks/mittens count as 1 or 2 items........?

Rachel H

Dude. I totally need to do this, as my Self and I had a similar conversation about the starting but not finishing thing recently. Sigh.


I'm rooting for #3. And # 1 (of course you know that already). Oh, and #2, too. What the heck, why not include all of 'em...great list. Think of the satisfaction waiting for you as you knock them off, one by one. It'll be heady, indeed. Good luck!


12 projects? That's it? I have like 20! You can totally finish those by the end of the year. That's only 1 a month! And with most of them mostly done it will be a snap!


I'm just blocking my MS3 just this moment. Actually, I'm taking a break to have breakfast because when you knit it in much smaller needles than it should be, it WILL NOT block out to a large stole. No matter how hard you try.

I too like to start things and then start something else when they get boring/just take too long.

Beth S.

Go for it! 12 projects, one finish a month, that's completely within your grasp.

I'm rooting for PS136, obviously. ;-)


Thats so cute, Mission Possible, I love it! I enjoy working on several projects simultaneously too and have a few that I haven't touched in over a year, and so close to the finish line too!


I might have to get in on this one...


Wow, you have the nicest cheering squad! I left a post earlier and wasn't sure if it came through. This time around I came back and read all the comments, how nice to have so many nice people cheering you on! Love seeing your finished work!


I put this up on craftster, but I figured you would want to see it as well! - Arrrgyle Hat


Morning glory is beautiful and really, after about 8 inches or so of pattern rows it stops seeming overwhelming and gets a rhythm going. (really!)


Happy Blogiversary!

Good luck with Mission Possible!!!

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