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Wait, did you add the diagonality, or did they change something?

julia fc

In the knit along on Ravelry I'm in, there seems to be a universal slant to the lace section, probably because of the paired k2togs. Some of those knitters have tried subbing ssk for the second k2tog. I subbed for the first because I liked the texture that the ssk gives to run up the center of the panel, leaving the second k2tog as it was, but my slant wasn't eliminated (probably because the center line isn't at all part of the support for the fabric's general structure) the slant is perhaps mitigated, but still there. Yet, I like it. So much for my poor engineering.

Lynn in Tucson

I'll be curious to see that when it's done. From the pattern page, I couldn't tell if it was the sweater I liked, or just that the model was so darn cute! I don't think it would look quite that way on me....


I love the extra length and the diagonal lines on the Tree Jacket! Great color, too.




My dad comes from a German baking culture too, its interesting to hear that from others as well, I never knew it was so much a German thing as it was a Grandma thing, interesting! The muffins look scrumptious! Congratulations!


I could not agree more: Project Runway Canada was so much fun to watch! My favorite thing? The lyrics to the theme song - I find myself singing "Project Runway - on the runway!" at the oddest times.


You've been busy! Looks fantastic. Can't wait to see on you.....


Of COURSE it's flattering. It's on the bias, right? Like a Carole Lombard gown!

I will check out the Canadian show, as the US one leaves me totally, utterly cold. HeidiBot needs to take lessons on appearing more humanoid. Not that she really has much to do with the show--she is just the announcerbot, but every time she speaks it grates on the nerves. I love Michael Kors and the Elle magazine lady, though. They are fair and fun. They just don't have much to work with, at least in the few shows I've seen. xoxo Kay


I know what you mean about Project Runway Canada! I really hope they do another season. Iman is fierce!


I did not know about Project Runway Canada. Loving Canada as I do, how could this have happened?

That Tree pattern is very cute.



Baking and knitting - two of my favorite things, too. Yum.


Those muffins look delish! And your tree jacket!


I thought Iman was so mean sometimes. She was much more a part of the show than Heidi has ever been. I managed to kill a whole day watching the clips from You Tube. It was an amazing way to get access to something we could not otherwise see. I enjoy your blog immensely; I'm not a great commentor, but I try! Bev


Iman also has Bowie going for her. Way cooler than Seal.


My Dad says almost the same thing... "It's a poor cookie that doesn't grease its own pan."


Oh you MADE me go and look at the Project Runway, and now it is 2:30 am.
Thanks for the link, I loved it.

Amanda Olson

Okay, that's it - I'm hooked on Project Runway Canada. You got me. I'm going to get my knitting and queue some Iman up right now. You're right, the Americans have been a bit bland this season - bring on the Canadians!


About sweaters that ride up - I sew a strip of satin quilt binding (blanket binding) inside the lower back - keeps the sweater from butt grabbing and climbing. No reason why you couldn't sew it all the way around the sweater.


Congratulations on the recipe box contest!

sam lamb

The sweater looks great - fantastic colour!

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