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The movie article was wonderfully creative. Your mind bends into interesting places. I saw the Dan movie on the plane on a teensy screen, so missed most of the knits trying to squint at the dialogue. Yeah, really.

I'll buy Kinnear. I think it would work. No socks? That's hard.


I had a 'you know you knit too much when...' moment the other night - watching a film on TV (Monster-in-Law) when I find myself commenting to my other half - "Gee that's a nice cardi" and studying it to see if I can make out what kind of cables are running up the sleeve. He, not being a knitter, just looks at me in 'that' way, you know the one with the raised eyebrow that means he's quietly thinking to himself "She has way too much wool in this house, she knits all the time and now it's starting to take over her entire thought process"


I meant to say I was glad that someone else notices these things too ; )

Mary K. IN Rockport

How about Ben Stiller? Unless you're really, really committed to Greg?


I love Cameron Diaz's sweater in The Holiday. I must admit I rented the dvd so I could stop it and get a good look. Greg Kinnear would make a perfect model for handknits.


I have nothing to add, but I just had to comment that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this (and your blurb in IK!).


Oh, I'd knit a sweater for Greg Kinnear in a heartbeat. Cameron Diaz in The Holiday, though? Well, at least she had a nice sweater to distract us from the train wreck that was her acting in that movie.

Dr. Judy

Coming out of lurkdom say that this is just another of the reasons I love reading here...wonderful, quirky thought process, excellent turn of phrase, gut-busting sense of humor. I bow down...with an indulgent and satisfied smile on my face.

Beth S.

I seem to remember seeing a ginormous walking wheel in Practical Magic (which was a real guilty-pleasure film for me.) You're right, what a tragic missed opportunity that was!

I chose not to watch the TV movie of Mists of Avalon (couldn't bear the thought) but I'm betting they neglected to show Morgaine's mad skillz with a drop spindle. But if someone can tell me otherwise, I would run right out and rent it just for that...

Linda D.

I'll knit for Greg, but he'll have to play fair and take his place in my queue.

Lynn in Tucson

I nominate...the sweater that Emma Thompson is wearing in Dustin Hoffman's office near the end of "Stranger than Fiction."

I'd knit for George Clooney. Or Robert Downey Jr.


Mary de B

Emma Thomson always wears nice sweaters. Remains of the Day, Howard's End.


I love the vintage sweaters in Chronicles of Narnia and Charlie's fair isle in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory--that sweater was one of my inspirations to learn fair isle (and wasn't Johnny Depp SO creepily good in that movie?). I love that Greg would be our ambassador for hand knits! I think he would be fab in that role!


The fact I'm not the only one who looks at knit sweaters in movies makes me laugh. I belong to a group on Ravelry for Firefly/Serenity. The series had several hand knits in it, including the infamous "Jane Hat" and the group on that board are figuring out a pattern for every one. Here is the kicker: they couldn't figure out one of the sweater's construction, so they wrote to the costume designer. She actually knit it, and sent them a nice letter explaining how it was knit and sewn together. So there are knitters out there in Hollywood, you just have to find the right shows. :)

I'd knit Greg a sweater. :)


Do you live anywhere near Los Angeles? Or some other movie-making industry based kind of town? I can't name (knitters) names without permission, but I've personally seen people hand-knitting multiples of garments for costumes for films, albeit mostly period pieces. The thing is, these garments can sometimes be undergarments which may only be shown for one or two frames. It's a heck of a lot of work for so small a piece of authenticity, but it's there.


I loved your article...and I'm glad you mentioned The Holiday...this past weekend I was watching it and was going to email you, but instead got caught up in Googling 'Cameron Diaz The Holiday Sweater'.

There were some cute sweaters in Le Divorce with Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts too... :)

Mary K. IN Rockport

My second comment of today, please forgive me. I've been in front of the TV, knitting of course, and watching "Across the Universe" which is fun (albeit a "Hair" ripoff) for those of us who lived through the 60's, and someone near the begining of the film is wearing a knitted beret.


Loved reading your back page article last night. I'm certainly going to rent a few of those films! Personally, I think on Morpheus from the Matrix is in greatest need of a sweater. That poor guy shleps around the ship in a holey woolen thing. Makes me sad!

Someone Not Affiliated With Mason-Dixon Knitting

Fun fact: Roger Moore's sweaters in his Bond appearances were handknits. I've met the knitter. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Jeanne B.

May I submit Hugh Laurie ("House") as a possible sweater rep? With his twinkling eyes and down-to-earth scruffiness, I think he'd do a sweater more than justice. If House were to wear cashmere, it might even soften his rough edges, dontcha think?


I thought the article was great, even if I'd barely heard of some of the films (grin).


Rememeber Cider House Rules? Lots of hand knitted bits in there. The owners of Northampton Wools did most of the knitting from what I understand and feature some of the designs in a book they published last year.


Coming out of lurkdom to say: Thank you for introducing this topic! I amuse my sig other to NO END by pausing all films and commenting frequently on the knits in *gasp* TV shows rather than on, say, the plot or the dialog. I completely agree with you on Practical Magic. I squealed the first time we rented the DVD (years after I watched it in the theater) and really noticed the great wheel and the loom. It almost looked like Stockard Channing kinda knew what she was doing...but then all bland brown and beige knits, amongst all the really great pieces the aunts wore. sigh. I shall stand with your nomination of Kinnear, just for the opportunity of typing it frequently. I always enjoy your blog, your wit charms me every time...or maybe it's just the wool pron. Thanks for the inspiration you provide for newer knitters (like me) everywhere.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Great topic! I always pause movies to get a closer look at sweaters that might be handmade, and other people think I'm nuts.


i loved the article and this follow-up post. btw- Dan in Real Life was filmed in Jamestown, RI. NE represent!

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