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Excellent blog entry! And congrats on the Interweave Spring issue! I do wish knitting were better represented. I was thrilled years ago when I heard Bill Cosby only wore handknit sweaters, specially made for him, donchaknow, on his t.v. show. I looked forward to seeing what he was wearing each week.


The sweater's in the Matrix didn't start out ratty and holey! I love the original pattern and think it would look great as the new sweater it began as...


Nomination for best movie sweater is the one Jennifer Decker wears in "Flyboys." I would like to find the pattern for it. It looks accurate for the period (World War I), and I wonder if it is vintage or a hand-knit reproduction. I turned to my son in the theater and said, "Check out that great sweater!" He shook his head . . .


Great article, not least because it's good to know I'm not the ONLY one pausing at sweaters. Somehow I didn't peg you for a Formula 51 fan...I really did enjoy that movie. I watched it initially to see more of that guy from Full Monty, (and ok, Samuel is a big draw too)...and then sat happily entranced right through the end when Meat Loaf makes his 'grand exit'.


Regarding TV: Gilmore Girls. Okay, they gave knitting an entire show in season seven, but from the beginning the handknits were abundant. Those girls could have been picking up some stitches earlier?


If I remember correctly, the Tim Burton remake Willie Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had a LOT of kooky handknit stuff, in the beginning of the movie--afghans all over the place with the old people in Charlie's house. Its been a long time, I think I better rent it and check it out again. Maybe I'll get Practical Magic at the same time, I loved the book.

susan daniels

hey! i'm not the only one looking at the knits in movies and tv?! what about the lovely sweater cardi things kate winslet was wearing in the holiday. i still trying to figure out how to make those.


I loved the article, as I think I said already. (If not, I was remiss. I loved it.) I didn't see The Mists of Avalon either, but my mind is now running to broody Celtic landscapes, and I'm trying to remember if there were any sweaters in The French Lieutenant's Woman -- probably not, since half of it was in period costume and the other half in California. But wouldn't Jeremy Irons look great in cabled sweaters, if we couldn't get Greg? I would be happy to write a screenplay, or part thereof, that would require the wearing of many sweaters.


Count my vote for Hugh Laurie, but not as Gregory House.......perhaps Mr. Little, you know Stuart's dad? I'm quite certain Mrs. Little knits.

toni in florida

Another guilty knit-watcher here. I took my boys to see the Narnia movie and said, "Oh, look at that sweater! I'll bet there'll be a lot of little girls getting sweaters like that next year" when Lara (is that her name?) came on camera in the sweater she's wearing in that northern town. (yeah, typical, I don't remember that kind of stuff, but totally remember the sweater!)


Late to the party, but I had to add The Golden Compass to the list. FANTASTIC sweaters, including one made of cloth and twine, and some really great hats as well. The blogger are making patterns! Also, Nanny McPhee has a really great collection, from a gansey to several granny afghans (crochet counts, too, right?)

Marci Senders

The knits in The Golden Compass were incredible. They was also a little of hand embroidered items as well. I know its slightly off topic since the movie is fantasy but the handmade items were of adundence. Wish I could spend 15 min. in that costume would be a dream!


Ohmygosh! I read that article, and loved it (the last page is always where the most delightful article lies) but somehow managed not to check the bylines for blog address. *shakes head in disbelief at self*

Anyway--marvellous, entertaining, and if possible this blog post was even more so. But it might be a dead heat.


RE: Ballet_Neck_Cardigan pattern
Hi. I love this sweater! but when I went to Interweave Knits/back issues, "Sping 2004" issue is no longer available. Would you happen to still have pattern? How could I pay you for it? Paypal is OK. Thanks in advance,
Margot Faubion in Oakland, CA


I just heard from a friend that TSE will be reproducing the beige sweater worn by Cameron Diaz in "The Holiday" movie!! Go to and contact customer service to see how you can buy one! I know I will!!


Speaking of beautiful sweaters, I just heard through a friend that TSE will be re-releasing the white cashmere cableknit sweater that Cameron Diaz wears in the movie "The Holiday" in a small quantity for this Fall. You can write to their customer service department at to order one.

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