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That's a very great list! I like the way you pulled all of that together, Julia.


Huh. I usually put my tea mug on the shelf next to my wheel, but that's nowhere near so portable...interesting idea.


That cup holder is da bomb.


Cupholders for spinning wheels!! That sounds like an etsy idea.


Ah, but next year, we need to get a blogger to pose on top of the moose in front of the Hampton Inn, with or without the cup holder (do moose have cup holders?)...


I'd buy a spinning wheel cupholder!

Man...I wish SPA wasn't so far away from Baltimore...


It looked like fun times all around!


The cup holder makes me want to "pimp out" my spinning wheel! I had so much fun and I can't wait for next year!


Maybe Kelly can get Rick to make me one too! I have the distaff hole and everything.


I'm going to figure out that cup holder thing. WOW! What a great item, no more spilled tes or reaching under my chair for a cup o'. And the socks, you already knew that!


I was eyeing Kelly's cupholder and wondering if I could figure out a way to trick out my wheel!

Chris H

I'm digging the cup holder...of course, I'd first need a wheel of some sort... ::sigh:: I'll just have to come up with some sort of a cup holder to fit on my knitting/crocheting basket for the meanwhile.


That looks like SO MUCH FUN. the cup holder is brilliant.


Like everyone else, I love the cupholder. And I think I just figured out which socks to knit next.


Oooh, I want and need that cup holder! I'll have to study the pic and see if I can figure out how to make one.


That cupholder is so genius. Seriously, I think there's a market for those.

Beth S.

Is blogless Sharon wearing the next Olympic sweater?!... I want that pattern, dammit! (Maple leaves, sigh! Such an improvement over Torino and its, uh, domes.)

And the cup holder is brilliant, but there's nowhere on a Lendrum to attach it. Oh well. ;-)

Lee Ann

We antiquities prefer our coffee in breakable things we stick next to our feet so that we can spill them on our wool because what is wool without a few coffee stains, eh? (cough)

If said breakable things claim to be soulbound or, even better, mugs of ultracaffeination, we likes them even better.

(I wish I'd been there :-))


That cupholder is GENIUS!!


That cup holder thing is gold, A+ for mentioning green socks too! I must make the effort to get to SPA next year!

Amy Boogie

I didn't see that cup holder but I firmly believe that I need one of those too!


Great pictures!! That cup holder is just too funny!!! It was nice seeing you!

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