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Mary K. IN Rockport

What a good idea - thanks!

sara l

Damn that makes perfect sense and is genius all rolled up into one. THAT'S why I sit next to you!
Ps just bought metal dpns... 00 000 0000. Let the cursing begin.




You clever knitter you. I'll cease the mocking for a moment and bow in awe of your cleverness.


So I have never tried intarsia, but after reading your tutorial (twice, I am slow) I understand what you are saying and if I ever need to work a flower into bird in hands I will actually know something! THank you!


Thanks for sharing that. Sara is lucky - she gets to sit next to you and soak up this knowledge.


It is amazing the difference that good pictures and clearly written words can make. I've read several different articles and posts on how to do intarsia in the round and have always ended up with a tangled mess and some very bad words. This actually *makes sense* and I am reasonably sure that once I get needles and yarn in hand I will be able to make it work. Maybe my mom will finally get the socks she's been asking for. You know, the ones with two cats on each sock that I refused to do in duplicate stitch....


Excellent tutorial. I'll have to try this...someday. Would it work well for larger blocks of color? Namely argyle socks? I'm guessing no since you'd have to float the 'main' color over the back of the intarsia.


I've been intrigued by this technique for awhile but the explanations I'd seen thus far fall short of the mark. Your tutorial is fab, thanks so much! It's clear as a bell now.


Brilliant. Thank you!!


Very cool! Thanks for sharing.


You just made my head hurt a little...thanks for sharing, though! I have these on my to-do list, so I'll be coming back here to thank your for your brilliance later. = )


Yay for fiddly knits! At this stage in my knitting career, I welcome them.

Alison G. W.

That is f*ing brilliant. You are a genius! Thanks for the tutorial.

Abby Franquemont

Beautifully documented! Woot!


I don't know who's been mocking you, but that intarsia thing is just about the coolest idea ever! Good job.


Nicely done! I mean the explanation. It is indeed more clear than most that I've read, in fact it may be clear enough for me to be able to remember it.


Who's mocking you? I'll beat them up for you, because this (1) intarsia is good and (2) this tutorial was very useful. Almost makes me want to cast on for another pair. Muchas gracias.

Dr. Judy



That actually makes more sense to me that any intarsia instructions I've seen before. I might actually try it now. :)


love this tutorial! wanted to let you know i featured it earlier today over at Craft and Found.


You're awesome. After I try this I must somehow find a way to mock your awesomeness. (Spite and jealousy, don't you know.)


Wow. That is so supremely clever! Tricky yes, and requiring some concentration, but amazingly clever for those times when you want to slip a little intarsia into some knitting in the round. Wow. Thanks!


oh wow. i wish i'd read this before tackling my first intarsia project (made up, of course). poor little puckered-up guy. this is awesome!

Ann in Nashville

Crazy, woman. CRAZY! Well described! Braveaux!

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