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That is really cute. I could see, if inspiration were to strike, having a few in each season of colors, to brighten up the house.

denny wants bird now

bird in a tea cup...... way cute


You are so multi-craftual!


Knitting = awesome. Bird = awwww.

Beth S.

The teacup nest is SO sweet. Awwww! :-)

Is that a light I see at the end of the tunnel?... I could swear that impossible second sleeve is looking done-ish.


Oh, you are going to beat me at the PIS sweater and am I ever jealous. But I bet you don't have twins on their second round of 10 day stomach flu. Argh.

Well, my PIS sure looks pretty sitting in the basket all these years. I don't know what I would put in that basket if it wasn't there.


A sweet little bird in a sweet little tea-cup. Perfect! =)


What a cute pincushion! Are you really going to stick pins in it?


Some things are only done in their own time.

That looks like a tallenough pincushion so you don't have to keep reaching over and down.


Love the bird and the knitting of course! Can't wait for the spring weather to follow!


Knitters are perfectly ready to appreciate the addition of just a few minutes of daytime, aren't we? Who else would appreciate the total effect of many small bits, given enough time.

Lovely work on the knitting, and the birdy is quite appropriate on its little nest.

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