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I've been watching to see what classes will be offered. I see instructors have been chosen.
Love the scarf!

Divine Bird Jenny

Hee! I know Ellen and Lynda from Nutmeg Spinners. :) I keep meaning to look into joining NEHandspinners...maybe I should now. :)


Love those Chucks! And the Crest of the Wave is poetry.


Ooh, I'm going to have to look into the group! I had no idea they existed.


Kelly and I have the same sneakers. I love em!


I just printed out the app yesterday -- into the mail it goes!


I thought that was Judy's pattern and yarn! Nice. No Gathering for me this year- my hand/arm will still be in a post-surgical cast.


Well, I have printed an application and despite my love of online payment, I'll dutifully send in a check.

Thanks for the heads up! (Do you get a referral bonus???)


Okay, I want a pair of those Chucks. Any idea where I can get some?


All right, all right. Now where did I put that checkbook?


You are an excellent spokeswoman.


I'd join if only I were able to attend. It sounds like a wonderful organization with a lot of knowledge from its members.


What fun! As a West Coast person I was delighted to see Brattleboro again. I used to come every other Memorial Day and dance Morris at the Marlboro Ale. It was always so lovely in the Springtime.

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