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Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

That is flat-out astounding. I had no idea. Going to check my drive band...


Wow, what a difference! If I were Alden, I'd launch into a dissertation about the drive band slippage and its affect on the ratio, etc, but I'll spare you. Here's where the cord comes from though, in case people start to ask you:


Cheryl is fantastic! Now I wonder if my drive band needs replacing?


Holy crap, I never would have thought that would make such a marked difference.

Lynn in Tucson

That's really phenomenal! My JW comes home this week, after months of R & R chez Bosworth. I'm very curious to see how differently it spins.


Oh wow, what a difference! Cheryl is just wonderful--good for her for insisting!

The Feminist Mafia

Wow. Who knew? Thanks!

Rachel H

Whoa. That's amazing.


Wow! that's amazing.. who would have thought that it would make such a big difference?


Now that is wild! So glad you succumbed to Cheryl's pleading and waving of the cones under your nose!


Look at that. I'm a new spinner so this is very, very helpful, indeed. Thanks.


That is pretty freaking astonishing. I saw improvement when mine snapped last year - ok, that came out wrong - but nothing like that. Is that the Vermont Wheel?



uh... going to change my drive band now...

Beth S.

I'm pretty sure this is the Most Illuminating Spinning Post I Have Ever Read. Wow. Truly, I had no idea that a drive band could make a difference like that!

My wheel takes the stretchy kind, so I don't know if the principle still applies... but I am going to go cast a very critical eye on my brake band now.


That's great! Especially Cheryl's link -- I need a double-drive band for my new wheel, and I meant to ask her. (I love dd, even if Alden Amos hates it.)


I'll have to try that! I had no idea replacing a drive band would make so much of a difference!


Thanks so much for sharing this. I have only been spinning for a year, but I had no idea that the drive band could make such a difference. I didn't even know where to buy one until now!


I was spinning yesterday and having a rough time...I mentioned to my husband that my drive band is a bit ratty and I should replace it but I want to see how long I can spin with it. I'm going to replace the drive band as soon as I'm finished typing this. Thanks for the info.


Wow! Why IS that? A slipping drive band? Is it overspun? I can't really tell. Me I wait until the string farys and breaks. I had better go check too. Although my newer wheel is a majacraft and has a rubber? plastic? band that seems pretty grippy.


But what kind of knot?


You've convinced me. I am the queen of procrastination.

Lynn in Tucson say "waxed linen" drive band and the link is to a polished cotton twine. Is that what the "polished" means?


Wow, talk about wonders! I will remember waxed linen next time I see my wheel... sometime in 2009!

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