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It is rather ironic methinks, that the mother of this blogger still hasn't figured out what the H--- is a clapotis.


Hi Julia. I read your blog all the time but never comment. I had to now to ask you what colorway you are using for the Clapotis. It is gorgeous. Everything you knit is looks absolutely beautiful.


Aw, poor Squibs!


I can't imagine being not internet-centric myself, but then again I'm married to a computer dude. But this week I've rooted out three knitters at work, and in each case, I start babbling on about the mystical world that is 'Ravelry' and they were each like 'huh? What is this mysterious inner-nets of which you speak?' And these are people who use computers daily in their work life - I am speechless.


I always marvel at the disparate communities of knitters and spinners. Clap is looking beautiful.

Lynn in Tucson

Whereas...I wore my Clapotis to a rabbinical conference in Cincinnati and a BUNCH of the female rabbis' knew exactly what I was wearing and what the yarn was. I've NEVER had that happen in Tucson!

And the next day I had a "happy birthday from Israel" message on Ravelry, left for me by the wife of one of the attendees (someone I'd never met but whose husband had emailed her to say "Hey, there's another knitter here")!

For someone who doesn't blog, it's all pretty amazing. My husband says that photographers would recognize each other the same way, if only they walked around with photos plastered all over themselves. I think he's just jealous.


it IS an odd thing, to come across a group of knitters who are not linked to teh intarwebs. i was in a yarn shop in portland maine the other day, and there were a few women sitting around knitting, and none of them had heard of ravelry yet. after i stopped convulsing, i blathered on and on about it, naturally. the topic came up, actually, because i bought some yarn there 'to make another clapotis', i said... and was met with blank stares.


Wow, that Brooks Farm is striping just beautifully - I love it. Keep us posted on how many skeins you use - I might need another Clapotis too!

And...I'm awaiting the launch of twist collective with eager anticipation - anything you and Kate are collaborating will most certainly be amazing! Congratulations!

Beth S.

Such a strange concept, that a gathering of industry-folk would be innocent of all knowledge of what must be the single most-knitted pattern on Ravelry (or maybe second-most; those Monkey socks are pretty popular too.) Who knew the old media/new media divide ran so deep?...


I inadvertently knit my Clapotis a bit longer and almost ran out of yarn twice, but it turned out quite lovely and large. But it is wonderful to wrap myself up in my Clapotis and it is quite dramatic to me.


I was surprised at the recent gathering of my knitting guild. One of the members was recommending a book with funny stories about knitting, but she couldn't remember the author's name. When I suggested "The Yarn Harlot?" I heard giggles and guffaws of shock in the background at the name, and got a blank stare from the woman. "Stephanie Pearl-McPhee?" I tried next. "That's it!" she said. I would never imagine that someone who is a member of a guild, who reads knitting books, would be unfamiliar with one of the more popular knitting blogs. It is as though we live on small islands, totally familar with our own and yet rarely visiting those nearby. I'm eager to see what they have on their non-internet knitting island.


Where do these non-internet types get their knitting knowledge? Seriously, I'd be lost without the advice, tips, techniques, and patterns online.


So what exactly is this Clapotis of which you speak?


denny's got the clap

you just have to do it in public then everyone around you gets the "clap"

denny  gives the clap

.....and it's no good to just wash your hands, you still will get the clap.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Squibs! Wonderful!

I belong to a local group of non-blogging knitters (all older women) who believe that Berroco is the finest knitting yarn available anywhere. Not that there's anything wrong with Berroco--I've used and liked it myself--but most of them have never heard of hand-dyed yarn and all I got a lot of quizzical looks when I wore my Ravelry t-shirt. (One of them asked me if I bought my Noro Kochoran at Michael's. Sigh.)

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