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I know what you mean. My husband and I have this great arrangement. Since I'm home ALL DAY LONG with our kids, he handles baths and bedtime. But, our son (3 years) has decided lately that I need to do EVERYTHING with him because "I like you." What can you say to that.

And my daughter's last day of kindergarten is Thursday......


Okay, I didn't know you needed photographic proof, or I would've obtained it, but when I was at Brooklyn General on Saturday, I came across a lovely brownish/maroonish/wineish gold-tinged (I think) skein of it. I didn't buy it--should I've? What am I supposed to knit it into?


buy some... and touch it for yourself! :)


I saw some in Toronto last summer. With me own two eyes. Pinky swear.

Lee Ann

There's a strip club in a ride at Disney?

Oh boy. I thought Montréal was bad...we just have them right next to the department stores where you have to explain to the nine year old girl what "danse contact" means.

dances with needles

What you seem to have is what a dance partner described to me as a Klingon.
That is the child attatched semi-permanently to your knee. By the way, if you do take your Klingon to the grocery store, a wedding garter around the knee helps them distinguish which pair of jeans is attatched to mom. One of my kids explained that most everyone looks the same from the knees down and at that age and size, knees are the most visible part.


Here's your photographic proof! It's just a "click" of the mouse away. What are you waiting for? The right colorway? :-)

Sorry to hear you're penned in the kitchen. Hopefully this phase too shall pass soon.


We have loads of KS Aura at our shop. Do I need to bring a couple of skeins to TNNA for you?


There could be worse rooms to be trapped. At least you get tea. (Paper airplanes - very creative.)


You're a good mom, Julia.


You're a good mom, Julia.

denny  Mcmillan

We have some (yarn you want) at Lettuce Knit. Gotta phone in that there kitchen??? You can replace eating, with shopping. You are a good mom. Hugs in the kitchen.


You probably already know that this will pass....but I'd offer him the chance to take turns winding WITH you, once the two of you find the winder.

I suppose "I'm going to XYZ room....are you coming with me" has already been tried and failed?

Good luck!!!! At least at this age you KNOW where he is!


Hmm, and the challenge is to think of a reason why HE wants to leave the kitchen. We have a book of paper airplane designs, some are really cool, such as a tube shape. Perhaps, if the computer is in a different room, you could google paper airplane designs. Or, maybe you could suggest throwing the airplanes out the front door (I hesitate to suggest window, the idea of throwing things out the window is a bad one).

The stage WILL pass, the only question is how quickly. As I told you the other day, my favorite LYS does not have Aura, and second favorite does not stock Rowan. I don't believe I am going to track any down in the wild.


Aaaaaack! Please do not speak to me of yet another yarn I must have. My will is weak. This might also explain why I've gained weight even though I am free to leave the kitchen. (Does Boy sleep more than you do?)

My daughter has always preferred to be with her dad, except that she grokked pretty early that dad and wool = not a good mix. Taz likes both of us, but luckily doesn't require us at all times. He can be VERY difficult, but there's something to be said for limited mobility.


Went to Romni for a look-see today and thought of you and took a photo:


if you need to pet some and want to take a side trip to little ol' rhode island check out the shop sakonnet purls in tiverton. we've got all the colors (i think) and the pattern books. oh- and it's lovely!


Okay! Photographic proof is yours! I posted a photo on my blog. Your wish is my command.


Oh, dear. Airplanes. I do love it.

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