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As a techy Knitter i so agree. Well done and stated.


Excellent idea. It would also help the tech editors get more work, just as a popular pattern gets more work for a designer.


Please, please, please! I have done some test-knitting of patterns that haven't yet been tech-edited. Even taking into account that the role of a test-knitter is to identify problems, I don't test-knit stuff I don't like, and it's still nice yarn. So, when numbers don't work out in really basic ways (e.g., waist shaping cutting into cable panels or blatantly wrong stitch counts given), well, I suppose I should just give thanks to all the editors who make sure that doesn't happen on patterns I've paid for!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Can I second this ? Can not agree more. Just finished putting together a new book and our tech editor is/was...I don't even know superlatives that do her justice. Fabulous? Indispensable? The bestest? All of the above. And smart, too. (If you're reading this and you need a tech editor for any sewing or knitting or crafting patterns, give me a shout and I'll share the info)


Terrific idea! I'll definitely credit my tech editor on my next pattern because I read this post. She has saved me more than a few times from some very embarrassing (and stupid) errors.


Here here!


Agreed! Good point.xcx


When I asked my favorite tech editor if she would like a credit she said she didn't want to take the chance that knitters would write to her for pattern support.


After your tweet last week, I talked to my tech editor (she's Joeli Caparco)and asked if she would want her name included, and she was happy to have her name added to my Cranberry Capelet pattern, published a day or so after.

She edits my stuff both pre test knitting and after, and I can't imagine publishing without the help. She's kind of indespensible. I also like having the extra credit there for all to see, as it shows that I do take the extra step and that I go through all the steps to put a professional product out there.

So yes, and thanks Julia!


. . . (I hit 'post' by mistake and meant to add:) I'm glad to see this reminder and will ask again in future.


I would like this, too! I would love to have a selection of tech editors I know I can trust....I pick audio books to listen to partly by the readers (and found some great books I'd otherwise never have read!), not just the author, I'd do the same with knitting. A good tech editor will help sell a pattern! Rav would start adding that a searchable feature, and I'd find more designers to love!


agreeeed! tech editors are important and amazing people. :)


Agreed a very good point - I will do this on my next pattern :-)


I wholeheartedly agree!!


love this post so much! Without them we'd all be in tangles!

Sandi Rosner

Thank you, Julia!

kim in oregon

Wonderful post! A few errors here and there are to be expected, but a pattern that gets dozens of 'fixes' after the fact is frustrating. I would definitely appreciate knowing that a pattern had a technical editor and (gasp) would probably even pay a bit more for that pattern!


I agree whole heartedly and I am always assured when I see a pattern release, credit the tech editor. You might be interested in this post from the FairyGodKnitter. It finds some issues with a pattern from the Twist Collective and the resulting response.

Another Joan

Amen, amen! The time I have for knitting is limited and a pattern with glitches in it sure doesn't add to the R&R I am seeking with needles and yarn! I would buy patterns with a tech ed credit over ones without.


Interesting. Especially since the Kadril pattern I inquired about still hasn't been corrected and my request for a refund for the pattern purchase was never addressed.


I agree wholeheartedly. I have a good friend who is a tech editor. She is sometimes not acknowledged in books!most patterns and books recognize the designer and photographer, why not the tech editor?

Nipper Jenn

Woohoo! Ours is a weird, difficult, hard-to-explain, often-thankless job - it's nice to have someone speak out for us. Thanks, Julia!


Thea recommended Joeli to me, and I've been crediting her in my patterns. She gives me the confidence to self-publish now.

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